The ranking of the best hospitals in France

In the midst of a pandemic, knowing where the best care is being provided can be helpful. Exactly, Point just published his 2020 winners the best hospitals and clinics French. No less than 1,400 establishments were investigated, leading to a general classification and by discipline. In this slideshow, we reveal the top 3 hospitals, followed […]

Some Covid survivors develop autoantibodies that attack them instead of the virus

SOME coronavirus survivors could develop autoantibodies that attack them instead of the virus, experts have revealed. A new study has found that the immune system can activate the body, as it does in diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. ⚠️ Read our live coronavirus blog for the latest news and updates 1 People who […]

COVID-19 outbreak at Rivière-du-Loup hospital | News | The sun

LThe establishment opened its red zone, where the two users were transferred. “All the users of the unit which is in outbreak have been placed in isolation,” says Ariane Doucet-Michaud, media relations advisor from the Integrated Health and Social Services Center. Protective measures have been increased. The frequency of cleaning is increased. Visits are suspended […]

Dr. Prachin Iamlumno received an award honoring “Phetkanok”, “Kiattaphum Land” branch | Siamrat

On October 30, 2020, the reporter reported that Dr. Prajin Eamlumnao, Chairman of the Executive Committee / Chief Executive Officer of Grand Prix International Public Company Limited received the “Petchkanok” award, “Kiat Phum Land With Mr. Suwat Liptapanlop, former Deputy Prime Minister Presided over the ceremony and presented a prestigious award at “Petchkanok-Kanoknakaraj” event of […]

Ilsan Hospital opens’Hopeless Growth and Development Clinic’

National Health Insurance Ilsan Hospital announced on the 30th that it opened the’Hopeless Growth and Development Clinic’ for early children and started to operate in earnest. Although the number of births per year in Korea is gradually decreasing, the proportion of premature babies born before 37 weeks of gestation continues to increase due to the […]

‘Parkinson’s disease cure’ may come out

Nexmos’ paper published on October 16,’Neuroscience Letters’. [넥스모스 제공] A domestic bio-venture proved the possibility of developing a treatment for Parkinson’s disease. The DNA aptamer technology allows the Parkinson’s disease treatment substance to stay in the body for a long time to see the therapeutic effect. Nexmos (CEO Jeong-Hoon Kim) announced on the 30th that […]

Postmenopausal women are at risk for complications if they take Covid-19

Menopause can have a significant impact on immunity, being associated with a decrease in immune cells (T), which leads to an increase in the frequency of oncological pathologies (breast cancer, cervical cancer, uterine cancer). endometrium or ovary). During this period, the frequency of inflammatory reactions and autoimmune diseases also increases, which are also considered risk […]

Covid: how will it end? It will become endemic

The question that covid fatigue periodically comes back to us is always the same: how and when will it end? If it is not yet possible to express ourselves with certainty on the times, it is however very likely that we will not get rid of the new coronavirus disease out of the blue. It […]

Corona, the Thousand Faces Virus, was explained by researchers from Columbia University

JAKARTA – Changes in weather leading to the rainy season make people vulnerable to contracting various infectious diseases. One of the diseases that afflict society is fluor so-called flu. Although this disease tends to be harmless, it can be fatal for the elderly (elderly) or people with a history of comorbidities (comorbid). So what to […]