Containment and home school: the free online SchoolMouv course site

This is an initiative that should relieve a lot of students and families, confined by the Covid-19 epidemic. After the call for solidarity launched by the government, the SchoolMouv platform, which offers content in all subjects from 6th to 12th grade, has decided to upset its offers."Despite the influx on the platform and the demand from families, we want to allow everyone to have...

In GTA Online you now get $ 500,000 for doing nothing

GTA Online is once again handing out a cash gift and this time it's worth half a million dollars. We'll show you how to qualify for it and how to collect even more money now.What's happening? Those who play GTA Online diligently can fill their account regularly with cash gifts. You need the online account to buy cars and their tuning, to buy real...

Super moon is approaching: With great moon photos against boredom

Special full moon 04 April 2020 at 2:13 p.m. Reading time: 2 minutes At the beginning of April you see a super moon in the night sky and thus the brightest full moon of the year. For fans of astro photography and night owls, this is the perfect opportunity to watch the moon. We summarize everything important for...

Coronavirus: more intensive road checks in anticipation of the holidays

In Saint-Jean-De-Vedas (Hérault), on a stretch of motorway leading to Spain, motorists are the target of reinforced controls. The school holidays in zone C begin this Friday, March 3, and the Covid-19 health crisis forces the gendarmes to dissuade and verbalize those who are tempted to leave. “The school holidays do not come to lift the containment measures, so we are strengthening our controls...

your wallpapers can become gradients

Nocturnally and treacherously, in the middle of the weekend, someone has managed another leak of iOS 14. And this time it is not something that has been found in the source code and that we have to imagine: it is a screenshot of the wallpaper preferences, which presents interesting news.How many times have you found a wallpaper that you...
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Number of new coronation cases in China is increasing Abroad

Among the new cases are five domestic infections. It concerns patients in the southern coastal province of Guangdong. The 25 others infected were infected...

Medical students work as volunteers in the epidemiology area

142814 03.04 | General information Dr. Luciano Gentile and Dr. Mara del Carmen Weiss, head of Epidemiology, spoke with Canal Local and told how the...

Resurrection Osman, Episode 18 on the Turkish atv channel .. the site of the love story of the promo teaser series, the founder Osman,...

Teaser Founder Othman series, episode 18, Where we note at the present time the spread of large numbers of various TV shows, which we...

Hygiene Important: Disinfecting Smartphone in Corona Times – So Get It Right

In times of coronavirus, a clean smartphone is at least as important as hand washing. Exclusive forSVZ + users von Christian Ströhl April 04, 2020,...

H&M beats expectations with cost cutting and online sales. But hard times are coming

MILAN - Reacting to an emergency means engineering and Hennes & Mauritz, the brand known as H & M, between cost reduction and new...