Guinea-Bissau PR dismisses five ministers from Nuno Nabian’s government

THE head of state dismissed the defense ministers, Sandji The fate, from the Interior, Botche Candé, Economy, Victor Mandinga, Agriculture, Abel da Silva Gomes, and Natural Resources and Energy, Jorge small. “The functions of the exonerated ministers will be carried out by the prime minister until new appointments”, adds the decree, which entered into force […]


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Over half a million deaths and ten million cases worldwide

The world, confronted since last December with the Covid-19 pandemic, crossed Sunday two symbolic thresholds, with more than half a million deaths and ten million cases of infection announced. • Read also: LIVE | The latest developments on the coronavirus According to an AFP count from official sources, 500,390 deaths and 10,099,576 cases were officially […]

before the end of the poll, a poll gives the winning “yes”

Some 76% of Russians have approved the reform strengthening the power of Vladimir Putin, according to a survey conducted outside the polling stations and published on Monday, June 29, while there are still three voting days. Voting takes place from June 25 to July 1 in order to avoid excessive crowds at polling stations due […]

After scandal: Ballet Academy has new management and new concept

Stefanou, who comes from Athens, worked for a long time as a dancer at the Bavarian State Ballet and after her active career worked as ballet director of the company of the Greek National Opera. As a ballet master and dance teacher, she was a guest at renowned institutions such as the Ballett am Rhein […]

Swiss mobile phones dial into a foreign mobile phone network

Franziska Scheven 1/8 Anyone who does not have surfing abroad, telephony and texts included in the subscription risks involuntarily higher costs. Keystone 2/8 On the Mont-Tendre in Switzerland, a Swiss mobile antenna steers against the foreign network – and is more likely to lose. Zvg 3/8 In Baselland too, Swiss networks are often subject to […]