How will respirators be delivered in Colombia? – Health

The pandemic in Colombia has an asymmetric evolution, conditioned not only by the characteristics of each region, but also for the time in which the virus was present in them. However, according to César Burgos, former president of the Colombian Association of Scientific Societies, The risk that people have of acquiring the covid-19 is similar […]

Peskov found it difficult to clarify Russia’s achievements in 20 years

The main indicator of the stability of the state system in Russia is “what the president generally talked about,” said Dmitry Peskov, spokesman for Vladimir Putin. To the question of whether there are indicators, upon reaching which it is possible to talk about overcoming the consequences of the collapse of the USSR and the 1990s, […]

Disgusting sharing about petty officer from Ataturk! Dismissed

A news about the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk came from Kars. He said “Great British project” for Atatürk, a non-commissioned officer working in the great Turkish Army established by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and receiving a salary from the state. It was seen that Ceran, who posted on the social media site Facebook and shared […]

Thales Alenia Space, Copernicus tranche 1.8 billion – Last Hour scheduled

(ANSA) – ROME, JULY 02 – Thales Alenia Space has been chosen by ESA, in coordination and with the agreement of the European Commission for the main missions of the Copernicus program, the satellite earth observation program, for monitoring the environment, disaster assessment and other important applications. The Italian-French joint venture (67% of Thales and […]

Hot development on Fuat Avni news

The second hearing of the case opened on the grounds that the tweets of ‘Fuat Avni’ were reported about T24 Editor-in-Chief Doğan Akın, was held at the Istanbul 25th High Criminal Court today. Doğan Akın, who was tried under arrest with the charge of “helping the terrorist organization without being a member of the terrorist […]

Criminal complaint against AKP members who say ‘Sivas Massacre’

Murat Toraman, who has been a member of the AKP Youth Branch and the Provincial General Assembly for 6 years in Sivas, filed a criminal complaint against those who called the “Sivas massacre” on the grounds that the statement of the Sivas massacre damaged the city. The following statements were used in the criminal complaint, […]