“It is not a ruling, but a procedure.” “Al-Shaalan” responds to “Al-Razihan” regarding the suspension of Hamdallah and Hamed Al-Balawi from the Saudi Federation!

Sports Al-Marsad: Sports critic Khaled Al-Shaalan responded to a tweet by sports journalist Bandar Al-Ruzehan regarding temporary measures in the event that a decision was issued by the Saudi Federation to stop Hamdallah and Hamed Al-Balawi. Al-Ruzaihan said in a tweet via his Twitter account: “If the decision to stop Hamad Allah and Hamed Al-Balawi […]

The Whirlpool website dedicates a space to wellness and self-care

Time at home has become more intense than ever. Work, studies, exercise and entertainment coexist with the need for relaxation and well-being. Whirlpool, a company specializing in the manufacture of cooking and washing appliances, is committed to creating smarter and more useful solutions for the home that ensure … Time at home has become more […]

‘Hand over hand’, art to be enjoyed by the blind

Image of the Semitiel Segura exhibition ‘Hand over hand’. / C. C. The ciezano artist José Semitiel Segura shows in his academy a series of sculptures to be experimented also with the touch Sensations, emotions and even feelings are perceptions that can give rise to a realistic composition of everything that surrounds any human being. […]

If I am empty, I am empty.. and the lawns have abandoned me • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: Snapchat celebrity Rahaf Al-Qahtani, known by her nickname “The Flavor”, revealed the details of her friend, Morouj Al-Rahili, who abandoned her in her last crisis after her trip to the Maldives. Rahaf Al-Qahtani said in the video: “I don’t have a problem, but you see me if I’m empty, and I am in […]