Dwayne Johnson and Jake Kasdan, director of ‘Jumanji’, prepare a new film together

Following the success of ‘Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’ and ‘Jumanji: The Next Level’, Dwayne Johnson and Jake Kasdan will once again work together on a Christmas movie for Amazon Studios. The film, with the provisional title of Red One, is an original idea of ​​Hiram García, president of Seven Bucks Productions, the production company […]

MCU actors who almost got cast for a different role than they had

Kabam Games / Marvel | Marvel Studios There are actors within the MCU who have become synonymous with the character they play and it is very difficult to imagine them playing another role, but there are cases where it was not even the role they wanted at first or they were close to playing someone […]

Neutro Shorty and Big Soto release the first single from “Apokalypsis 2”

Neutro Shorty and Big Soto premiered “Joseando”, the first single from his long-awaited album “Apocalypse 2”. “Joseando ”is a UK Drill, a new genre that has been established within the music industry, where both artists explain everything they went through to get to where they are today, based on hard work and discipline. The single […]

Libero De Rienzo died of heroin overdose, the result of the autopsy

Editorial board September 30, 2021 4:45 pm Share The actor Libero De Rienzo died of a heroin overdose, found lifeless in his home in the Madonna del Riposo area in Rome on 15 July. This is what emerged from the results of the autopsy and toxicological tests ordered by the Rome Public Prosecutor’s Office carried […]

Javier Bardem, the best actor in the history of Spanish cinema

Choosing the best at something is as subjective as it is unfair. Better according to who or what. It is hyperbole, of course. But, it seems inevitable to do it in a life in which everything is competition. Nadal plays to be the best in the world, as does Pau Gasol. And then there is […]

What famous people can play the piano?

ALearning to play an instrument requires a lot of time and effort and, above all, the piano. However, these celebrities have mastered that art. Some do it for fun and others on a professional level. Some learned as children and others went to work to prepare some paper. Whatever the case, these celebrities have a […]