Retail – is it really just sales?

The choice in favor of career development directly in retail provides wide opportunities. HR director of “Maxima Latvija” Inga Šeninga says: “Retail is the sector that most quickly reflects what is happening in society. It is dynamic, it is interesting and exciting. You don’t need a lot of experience to start a job in retail, […]

Violators of sanctions will be more difficult to track down? The list of companies exporting to Belarus and Russia will no longer be published

At the same time, CSB notes that the statistical office will regularly inform the public about the number of exporters and importers with specific countries of interest, and such statistics will provide basic information for monitoring transactions with Russia and Belarus. The CSB statement explains that the statistical office has evaluated the aspects of the […]

We are testing the electric luxury liner “Mercedes-Benz EQS 450 4Matic”

Although many people believe that an electric car is a luxury item in itself, in reality it is not. Yes, an electric car is still a bit more expensive than its internal combustion counterpart, but the price difference is no longer dramatic, thanks in large part to the gallop of inflation. Well, even the simplest […]

“Eintracht” eyed the star of “Levski”

The Brazilian Welton, who since the beginning of the season has definitively become the biggest star of “Levski” with his strong play, is the object of interest from “Eintracht” (Fr). This is reported by German media. Especially in the first match of the play-off round to enter the groups of the Conference League, the left […]

The facade of the Palace of Light is dirty, but it is not washed

The facade of the Castle of Light has been washed only once, in 2016, and it cost 117 thousand euros. The National Library emphasizes that this happened at the time due to media pressure, because in reality, 100% washing of the facade was not necessary. Seven years have passed since the last washing, and the […]

The number of victims of the terrible fire in Hawaii has been determined

In Hawaii, wildfires destroy the city +18 See more “That number went down a little bit because the Department of Defense and all of their physical anthropologists were able to help us better distinguish which people were in cars or in homes,” Green said in a Facebook video. “Thank God, fewer people have died.” The […]