Close to the cage, to get chickens. The activists joined and Tomas Trot

Activists from the organization Image-the Defenders of the animals and the volunteers have a whole month before the house closed in a big cage together with 19 statues of hens in larger than life size. They want to draw attention to the problem of battery cages and at the same time to induce the members […]

Bear shot and killed in the Pyrenees : “This drama was written”

A provocation to the ultimate ? An act of revenge ? A gesture of despair ? The discovery Tuesday of a bear shot and killed near the resort of Guzet-Neige, in the Ariege, has caused bewilderment, consternation, but not a total surprise in a region where farmers are facing the attacks of herds and have […]

The Brussels biodiversity plan

The European Commission has the goal of transforming 30% of land and seas into protected areas. By Leonor Hubaut It is not a matter “To tell people what to do, but to explain to them how they can make informed choices”, specifies Frans Timmermans. JOHN THYS / AFP Protect biodiversity and promote healthy food and […]

Pesticides under the eyes of the European Commission

“Farm to fork”, “from farm to table”. Once again, the European Commission has, with its new strategy unveiled on Wednesday May 20, the meaning of the formula. In 23 pages, the institution puts forward its ideas for “Transition to a sustainable European Union (EU) food system that guarantees food security and access to healthy diets […]

Pesticides, food, biodiversity: what the European Commission offers

Several weeks late, the European Commission presented the last two main pillars of its strategy “Sustainable growth”, the Green Deal. It’s rare enough to be stressed, these new announcements of “From the farm to the fork” strategies, and on the protection of biodiversity, surprised by their ambition, including on the side of civil society. “The […]

Agriculture. Will borders finally open for seasonal workers?

Fruits, vegetables: the harvest season is in full swing in the south of France. Farmers welcomed the announcement last week by Interior Minister Christophe Castaner of “Additional exemptions” to cross the border with a European country, in particular a compelling economic motive for seasonal agricultural workers. It is slow to materialize, however. Monday, 200 Spanish […]

the return to the fields of European workers

French farmers should be able to find part of their seasonal foreign labor. The government’s announcement Thursday (May 7) to open borders to seasonal workers from the European Union, even outside of Schengen, is a relief to the profession. A total of about 276,000 seasonal workers are needed for the May and June crops, according […]

Faced with shortage of agricultural labor, government opens borders

In many regions, negotiations were already going well with the prefectures to obtain exemptions and bring in Romanians and Bulgarians. The strawberry harvest near Orleans. CHRISTOPHE ARCHAMBAULT / AFP Farmers who lack arms will be able to look outside the borders again. The government confirmed on Thursday that foreign workers in Europe, who have a […]

Agricultural organization LTO leaves the Agricultural Collective NOW

The Dutch Agricultural and Horticultural Organization (LTO) has left the Agriculture Collective alliance, the organization said in a letter to its members. The thirteen organizations that belong to the Agricultural Collective are too different from each other, according to LTO. “It is not going to work to squeeze that diversity into one straightjacket,” they write […]