Hail storms leave a trail of devastation – weather

The south of Austria has been hit hard again by storms since the weekend – with a focus on late Monday afternoon. Heavy rain, often widespread flooding and hail, repeatedly damaged agricultural areas in many places: Due to massive storm cells in Burgenland, Carinthia and Styria, vineyards, fruit and vegetable crops, arable land and grassland […]

Cameroon: controversy over cervical cancer vaccine

[DOUALA] The Cameroonian government plans to introduce Gardasil, a vaccine against cervical cancer and other genital infections linked to human papillomavirus (HPV), in September 2020, in the Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) on girls aged 9 at age 13, with the objective of vaccinating around 400,000 young girls. But, doubts about the safety and reliability […]

Top cow Nora gave 200,000 liters of milk in her life

There she is. Nora. Nineteen years old. Good for 200,000 liters of milk in her life, one of the few cows in the Netherlands that has reached this limit. A top cow. “She was able to give fifty liters a day for a long time after calving,” says Adrion van Beek. She no longer has […]

Warning of panicked cows: New Tiktok trend is life-threatening

Thursday July 2nd 2020 The “Kulikitaka Challenge” does the rounds on the video platform Tiktok. Here users deliberately panic animals. Farmers are alarmed: sometimes frightened cows react very aggressively and can be dangerous for animals and humans. The young woman stands up with legs apart, stretches her arms up and finally runs wildly, waving her […]

Close to the cage, to get chickens. The activists joined and Tomas Trot

Activists from the organization Image-the Defenders of the animals and the volunteers have a whole month before the house closed in a big cage together with 19 statues of hens in larger than life size. They want to draw attention to the problem of battery cages and at the same time to induce the members […]

Bear shot and killed in the Pyrenees : “This drama was written”

A provocation to the ultimate ? An act of revenge ? A gesture of despair ? The discovery Tuesday of a bear shot and killed near the resort of Guzet-Neige, in the Ariege, has caused bewilderment, consternation, but not a total surprise in a region where farmers are facing the attacks of herds and have […]

The Brussels biodiversity plan

The European Commission has the goal of transforming 30% of land and seas into protected areas. By Leonor Hubaut It is not a matter “To tell people what to do, but to explain to them how they can make informed choices”, specifies Frans Timmermans. JOHN THYS / AFP Protect biodiversity and promote healthy food and […]