Higueruela hosts a new ITAP technical seminar

The Provincial Technical Agronomic Institute of the Albacete Council advances in its work of transferring knowledge to the agricultural sector and does so with a new technical seminar on fertilization management, plant health and eco-regimes in woody crops. Higueruela has hosted this meeting, inaugurated by the provincial vice president and CEO of ITAP, Amparo Torres, […]

Angola will stop importing corn – Minister of Agriculture

The Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, António Francisco de Assis, announced on Wednesday, in the municipality of Cela, Cuanza Sul province, that the country will stop importing corn from this year onwards because farmers and peasant families have produced enough for high food sufficiency. The minister made this statement during the act of presentation of […]

Cyclone Yaku | Midagri activated Catastrophic Agrarian Insurance of S/ 800 per affected hectare after heavy rains in the north | Piura | Chiclayo | Cajamarca | Tumbes | ECONOMY

The Minister of Agrarian Development and Irrigation, Nelly Paredes, pointed out that the agricultural sector is one of the most affected by the heavy rains, and announced that they have activated Catastrophic Agricultural Insurance (SAC), which provides compensation of S/ 800 per affected hectare. “This is a benefit through compensation made to the farmer for […]

CO2 emissions threaten rice production worldwide

The high concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere is a double threat, because it has effects on the food safety and in the global climate emergency. According to the conclusion of an international research team in which the Center for Ecological Research and Forestry Applications (CREAF) of Catalonia intervenes, a high concentration of […]

Uncharted territory – loans

The cooperative offers the following loans: Credit to buy a car Credit for investments in infrastructure (livestock farms) Credit for the purchase of bulls, cows and beef cattle Credit for the purchase of machinery and equipment Credit for home construction and purchase Loans for small industry PYMES business […]

2nd Session of the National Steering Committee of the Small-Scale Irrigation and Food Security Program (PISA II): Promotion of productive agriculture and inclusive development

The national steering committee (CNP) of the Small-scale irrigation and food and nutritional security program in rural areas held its 2023 ordinary session yesterday morning in Niamey. The president of the national steering committee, Mr. Garba Yahaya, chaired the opening ceremony. Funded by German cooperation to the tune of 44.6 million euros, PISA II aims […]