Saudis are going to build a mega airport: ‘Seems mainly a prestige project’

SPA NOS News•Tuesday, 6:59 PM Six runways, 120 million passengers and more than 100,000 jobs: a new airport that Saudi Arabia will build near the capital Riyadh will immediately become one of the largest in the world. At least that is the ambition the Saudis expressed yesterday. The mega-airport should make Riyadh a global hub […]

“Last generation” temporarily paralyzes flight operations at BER

Schönefeld “Last generation” temporarily paralyzes flight operations at BER Updated: 11/25/2022, 13:00 | Reading time: 4 minutes The climate stickers streamed the campaign on their social media channels. Photo: Youtube/Screenshot Activists of the “Last Generation” entered the BER […]

Baggage Drama Frustrate

After protesting to the section lost and foundthen it was discovered that his 28-inch suitcase stray to the city of Batam. After going through many procedures, the airline promised to deliver Nizam’s luggage to his house. “He said that within 3×24 hours it would be sent to the house,” said the IT employee at a […]

Iranian who inspired film ‘The Terminal’ dies at Paris airport

AFP NOS News•Saturday, 20:12•Amended Saturday, 9:55 PM Mehran Karimi Nasseri, an Iranian man who spent nearly 20 years at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, has died. According to an airport spokesman, he suffered a heart attack in one of the terminals today and resuscitation was unsuccessful. Born in 1945, the Iranian was a political refugee […]

AUA sets up nightstops in Graz, Innsbruck & Klagenfurt » news | tip

As reported today, the connectivity of the federal states to the Vienna hub will deteriorate significantly in 2023. Because as early as March, Austrian Airlines will no longer carry out so-called night stops to Innsbruck and Klagenfurt. As a result, the late evening flight to Tyrol and Carinthia and the early morning flight to […]

At Düsseldorf Airport, K-Messe leads to waiting again

October 22, 2022 at 11:47 am Messe regrets bad service : Waiting in line again at Düsseldorf Airport As the market leader, Eurowings is particularly affected by the frequent long queues in Düsseldorf Photo: dpa/Roberto Pfeil Düsseldorf Although the autumn holidays are over, passengers sometimes have to wait 1.5 hours again. The high number of […]

A simple loophole opened up for the Russians to bypass the Czech entry ban

Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský (Pirates) announced on Wednesday that the Czech Republic will join the Baltic countries, Poland and Finland and tighten the rules. From October 25, Russians who have a valid visa for the rest of the Schengen area and are traveling for the purpose of tourism, sports or culture are not to be […]

Arrest at Schiphol after fight on board plane

Shoot me, I don’t understand anymore. Six months ago there was a problem that shouldn’t have been there. But what could have been solved in two months at most, still drags on at Schiphol security like a Groningen compensation scheme: no gas is given. Not even after the CEO kicked himself to the exit. n”}]; […]