Le Matin – US-Russian International Space Station crew return to Earth

An American astronaut and two Russian cosmonauts from the International Space Station (ISS) returned to Earth on Thursday, after a six-month mission in space, which began in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. American Chris Cassidy (Nasa) and Russians Anatoly Ivanichine and Ivan Vagner (Roskosmos) landed at 02:54 GMT in the steppes of Kazakhstan, a […]

Madonna shocked fans with a new image: photo

Photo: Instagram / madonna The pop queen urged to take responsibility The world celebrity radically changed her image by dyeing her hair light pink. At the same time, the singer called on all Americans to vote in the US presidential elections. American singer, dancer, producer, actress Madonna called on US citizens to vote in the […]

10 reasons why New York is not that great

NEW-YORK – New York City -the center of the universe. Every year, thousands of people move to the Big Apple to make their dreams come true. First year is awesome, you made a ton of new best friends who love to hang out, sleep right to left and party until late hours. The second year, […]

The US comes to the rescue of American Airlines and other airlines

The US Treasury said that had signed letters of intent with American, Frontier Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, SkyWest Airlines, and Spirit Airlines under a $ 25 billion emergency loan program approved by Congress in March. American said this day that it expects to close a Treasury loan of $ 4.75 billion in the third quarter, Besides […]

With pending capture two Americans fall in Sonaguera, Colón

COLÓN, HONDURAS.-For having a pending capture in United States Two young men from the North American country were arrested this Sunday. Foreigners were identified as Mark Jason Ruiz, 18 years old, and Aurora Nolasco Ortíz, who remained irregularly in Honduras. READ: Confrontation between MS-13 members and police leaves one injured According to the police report, […]