Canada Faces Severe E.coli Outbreak: Compensation & Legislation Changes Announced

Canada is currently experiencing one of its worst cases of E.coli bacteria contamination. Since September 4 in Calgary, in the province of Alberta, 339 young children have been affected. The Prime Minister has just announced financial compensation for parents, but also mentions future changes in the legislation. Published on: 09/17/2023 – 05:03 1 mn With […]

Multiple Deaths and Destruction: Devastating Fires Ravage Hawaii Islands

At least six people have died in the American archipelago of Hawaii, where two islands are currently affected by several fires. These destroyed a city, caused thousands to be evacuated and forced some residents to throw themselves into the sea to escape the flames — TRT French (@trtfrancais) August 10, 2023

Gladiators already know their rivals for the Champions League of the Americas

Gladiators will go to their first international tournament after being champion of Venezuela / Photo: Courtesy Gladiadores de Anzoátegui, current champion of the Professional Basketball Super League (SPB), already knows their rivals for the 2023-2024 edition of the Basketball Champions League of the Americas. La Armadura, a club that with its presence will mark the […]

Colombian President’s Son Arrested in Money Laundering Investigation

Colombian police arrested President Gustavo Petro’s son on Saturday as part of an investigation into money laundering and illegal enrichment during the presidential campaign last year. The Colombian president denies having received money from drug trafficking groups and has himself called for an investigation to be opened against his son. Published on: 07/29/2023 – 16:39Modified […]

The Battle for Abortion in America: Red vs. Blue States

One after the Supreme Court’s decision, the political battle for abortion in the United States is now being waged at the state level: red America, that of the Republicans, votes for laws limiting or prohibiting it , when blue, democratic America undertook to protect it, to the point of having inscribed it sometimes, as in […]