25 dogs from Bulgarian transporters brought to the shelter

Bulg. Animal transporter Leverkusen – Photo: police Leverkusen – On Saturday afternoon (April 25), police officers in Leverkusen-Wiesdorf checked a Fiat Ducato that was used as an animal transporter and had Bulgarian approval. The police consulted the veterinary office in Leverkusen. This ordered the securing of a total of 25 dogs squeezed into the vehicle […]

Nature and Forest opens the hunt for the biggest culprit of th …

The Agency for Nature and Forests aims to achieve a manageable population of a thousand Canadian geese in Flanders, but currently 5,000 of the species still fly around in our wetland areas. Photo: Caspar Huurdeman The Agency for Nature and Forests aims to achieve a manageable population of a thousand Canadian geese in Flanders, but […]

‘Tiger King’ zoo reopens to big crowds, threatening big cats with coronavirus

After a month’s hiatus, tiger cub petting at Joe Exotic’s former zoo is back—exposing cubs to not only the stress of hours of handling by humans, but also to the risk of contracting the coronavirus. Oklahoma’s Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park, which was closed for about a month because of the state’s pandemic restrictions, was […]

Brigitte Bardot: “I feel an uprising on the planet”

She has her own way of saying something, and it is relentless. Brgitte Bardot has to stay at home like all the French. But her everyday life in Madrague, her residence in St. Tropez, which she has not left for years, has hardly changed since the pandemic began. The actress, an icon of the 1960s, […]

SPD and consumer protection groups put pressure on animal welfare labels

piglet A state animal welfare label is said to contain more information than previously, according to consumer protection. (Photo: dpa) Berlin One year after the introduction of meat labeling in the large supermarket chains, the consumer advice centers are demanding speed with the planned state logo for better animal husbandry. After the first step of […]

Bunning’s vegan sausage hiss is provoking outrage on social media

The Australian hardware chain Bunnings is known nationwide for its affordable prices – and the iconic sizzle of sausages. The outdoor event is a way for community groups to collect donations, and while a hook served on white bread with onions is standard, one organization, Greyhound Adoptions WA, defies tradition. Next Thursday, Bunnings in Rockingham, […]