Dresden public prosecutor’s office investigates farmer

The Dresden public prosecutor is investigating a farmer from the Saxon Switzerland-Eastern Ore Mountains district because he is said to have neglected his herd of cows. As the authority announced on request on Tuesday, the investigation relates to a violation of the Animal Welfare Act. The complaint was made by the Stuttgart-based animal rights organization […]

Comment on zoo plans – Krefeld could be an advocate for the great apes

January 1, 2021 at 7:57 pm Paid content: Comment on zoo plans : Krefeld could be the ape advocate <!– <!– <!– A sea of ​​candles and flowers lay in front of the entrance to the zoo in early January 2020. Photo: dpa / Roberto Pfeil opinion Düsseldorf The Krefeld Zoo wants to rebuild the […]

Here baby dolphins are hunted for our animal parks

At least 85 dolphins were caught Disturbing footage from Japan: fishermen crowd dolphins into a bay, corner them and capture dozens of animals. It’s a kind of casting, a terrible selection – according to the Life Investigation Agency (LIA) the whole thing happens to select dolphins for zoos and aquariums. At least 85 animals have […]

The number of aggressive animals is increasing

December 11, 2020 at 6:00 a.m. Paid content: Animal welfare in Krefeld : Trainers warn against aggressive dogs Despite the muzzle, accidents can happen if the four-legged friend is not educated. The need for dog training is great – but is currently prohibited. Photo: dpa / Philipp Schulze Even individual lessons are prohibited in dog […]

Animal shelters overrun by young animals: after lockdown was …

There are a striking number of young animals in the animal shelters. These mainly come from owners who took a pet into their home during the first lockdown and have already changed their mind. “Think ten times before you decide to get a pet,” says a worried Els De Belder of Antwerp Animal Shelter. A […]