Antonio Resines tests positive for covid again

Antonio Resines. The actor, who at the end of 2021 remained in the ICU for more than a month, is out of danger HIT Madrid Friday, 28 October 2022, 15:52 Antonio Resines does not lift his head. The Spanish actor has tested positive for covid again, although he would be out of danger. It has […]

Actor Antonio Resines relapses with covid but is out of danger

Antonio ResinesEUROPA PRESS The actor Antonio Resines stayed at the end of 2021 for more than a month in the ICU of a Madrid hospital due to covid Although he is out of danger, he will not be able to collect this Saturday the Spike of Honor that the Valladolid film festival has dedicated to […]

Feijóo’s man to reset the health system

Antonio Zapatero ignacio gil profile The Madrid guru in the fight against the pandemic leaves the regional government to design a new public health system Antonio Zapatero (Madrid, 1958) has always known what he wanted. He knew it when, as a young man, he started playing tennis, with a good hand and good legs, they […]

San Antonio de Benagéber opposes the 200 km High Voltage line that will reach l’Eliana

The City Council of San Antonio de Benagéber has joined the strong municipal opposition to the project of the company Forestalia Renovables. The idea is to conduct, from three photovoltaic plants in Teruel, the energy generated through a Very High Voltage infrastructure for 178 kilometers to the l’Eliana electrical substation. The council considers that this […]

Antonio, 14, dead after being discharged from Hornu hospital: the trial begins

<!– Par Belgian | Published on 09/19/2022 at 16:16 In November 2015, Antoniowas rushed to the hospital Epicurus at Hornu. He passed a series of examinations there before being sent home. He is deceased home a little later. This Monday, the court heard medical experts. The sixth correctional chamber of the Hainaut court, Mons division, […]

the truck driver “didn’t know the air conditioning had stopped working”

The driver of a truck that killed 53 heat-smothered migrants in Texas did not know the air conditioning had stopped working, court documents show. ReutersPhotos of the driver were captured on CCTV at a checkpoint. Homer Zamorano, 45, was found hiding near the truck Monday, authorities said. He is one of four people charged. Zamorano […]

“You have to remove the rancid taste from the theater”

The actor and director Antonio Banderas and composer and producer Andrew Lloyd Webber have launched a Project together, APS, a company with which they will promote the development of musical theater in Spanish, with “quality parameters like those they look for in Broadway and the West End” and in new spaces to offer a “complete […]

luxury greetings for Tevez on the day of his debut

Antonio Conte, current Tottenham coach, wished him good luck and sent his congratulations to Carlitos Tevez on his debut as coach at Rosario Central. The first match that El Apache will lead will be against Gimnasia, this Friday at 7:00 p.m. for the fifth date of the Professional League. Also, Sergio Aguerowith whom he shared […]