From the Webb telescope the expected images of the clouds on Titan – Space & Astronomy

The new James Webb Space Telescope has captured its first images of Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, allowing it to trace the evolution of clouds in its atmosphere and obtain important clues on the seasonality of weather conditions, particularly useful in view of the Dragonfly exploration mission scheduled for 2027. The extraordinary infrared images, which allow […]

A winter where the planets come together

conjunction of planets This winter, we will be entitled to conjunctions of planets. This means that two planets will appear close to each other, even though in reality they are still hundreds of millions of miles apart. “This is explained by the fact that the planets will orbit around the Sun at different speeds, underlines […]

A meteor crosses the skies of Ontario

Spectacular videos captured a meteor lighting up the sky over Niagara Falls and the CN Tower in Toronto. The “less than a meter” object, named #C8FF042, has turned into a fireball, the European Space Agency has confirmed. “A three-foot object struck in the sky over Niagara Falls, becoming a harmless fireball,” the agency wrote on […]

Get your shovel and scraper ready: the first snow is coming

major storm The merging of the remnants of Nicole and a low coming from Colorado will bring snow to parts of Quebec this weekend. The North Shore could receive a broadside. Behind this system, the cold would gain ground. This thrust of arctic air would settle in the Belle Province for several days. The snow […]

A spectacular event visible in November

The moon will appear almost full for several days around November 8 – which may help to give a little more light, at a time when it is becoming increasingly rare. She will rise around 4:37 p.m. on November 7 and bow out around 8:02 a.m. the next morning. Lunar eclipse in sight! An event […]

Nest in height: sign of several broadsides to come?

Admittedly, animals and insects are more attuned to their environment than many humans. This is why there are different beliefs about some of their behaviors that would be related to weather conditions or predictions. The height of wasp nests is one of them. A question of survival first “There is no scientific basis as to […]

Here is the place where we find the most meteorites on Earth!

Deserts: places of choice In total, more than 69,000 meteorite fragments have been found on our planet since the 1800s. However, the total number of space rocks that have ended their journey on Earth is even higher. Scientists estimate that 70% of them fall into the ocean and will never be found. According to statistics, […]

Orionides: a good show to be expected

This year, your best chance of spotting shooting stars will be during the night of October 21-22, shortly after midnight. It is during this night that the shooting stars will reach their peak. The thin crescent moon should not be an obstacle to observation, and the spectacle may be worth the candle. It will be […]

Part of Quebec stuck in a mega blockage

While in the Rockies it will be like summer with temperatures over 20 degrees, eastern America will think more of skiing than golf. A mega cold blockage in the atmospheric circulation will reign over almost all of Quebec at the beginning of next week. Temperatures will be up to 5 degrees below seasonal norms. A […]