A guerrilla captured after fighting between authorities and ELN in Arauquita

Three days have passed the blockades of departmental roads, by the Arauca cheese makers union, who protest the constant seizures of the product and the right to work. Union spokesmen reject the procedures being carried out by the POLFA Tax and Customs Police, in the Naranjitos Sector of the municipality of Tame – Arauca; In […]

In the operation authorities seized 8 kilos of marijuana

The event occurred at the Neiva Toll, where uniformed personnel from the Transit and Transport Section were carrying out a checkpoint. When checking a public transport vehicle, they found six packages wrapped in black vinyl tape, camouflaged along with oranges and bananas, containing a total of eight kilos of marijuana. In the operation, Leider Hardinson […]

Hamburg: killing spree among Jehovah’s Witnesses

The quick action of the police has probably prevented an even worse bloodshed in the killing spree during a community meeting of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Hamburg. But the hatred with which the alleged perpetrator killed seven people and finally himself did not come out of nowhere. In January, an anonymous whistleblower drew the weapons authorities’ […]

US authorities supported “one of the most expensive” drilling projects in Alaska

The administration of US President Joe Biden has supported a project involving the drilling of new oil wells in Alaska. We are talking about the appropriate permission for the American energy corporation ConocoPhillips to develop raw materials deposits in the northwestern territories of the region. This, according to Day.Az with reference to Gazeta.ru, is reported […]

US authorities take control of Silicon Valley bank

US authorities closed Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) on Friday to protect depositors, California state officials announced. Content will continue after the ad Advertising Bank branches will resume work on Monday under the control of federal authorities. The California Department of Financial Protection (DFPI) closed SVB, entrusting the recovery of funds to the Federal Deposit Insurance […]

R. Kelly faces another 25 years in prison

Jennifer Bonjean, R. Kelly’s attorney, sought a 10-year sentence for her client to be served at the same time as his New York sentence. She explained that the average life expectancy of prison inmates is 64 years and the 56-year-old singer is unlikely to survive his sentence. She also implied that the US Attorney’s office’s […]