KLM pilots will stop work for a short period on Monday

ANPEA KLM aircraft at Schiphol NOS News•Friday, 5:23 PM•Adjusted Friday, 7:00 PM KLM pilots will stop their work for an hour on Monday, reports the VNV union. They expect that approximately fifteen flights will be delayed as a result. The action is a result of difficult collective labor negotiations between the union and the airline. […]

The reason why Mitsuoka Butte Story became a hatchback…Designer Aoki says “change to Reiwa style” | Response (Response.jp)

[Mitsuoka Butte Story Announcement]On September 21st, Mitsuoka Motors announced the “Butte Story,” the successor to its main model “Butte.” The previous generation of Butte used Nissan’s March as its base vehicle, but the fourth generation was reborn with a hatchback style based on Toyota’s Yaris. Mitsuoka Motors designer Takanori Aoki said at a presentation held […]

In pictures: couple making love disrupts EasyJet flight

Because the two entered the toilet together and other passengers saw this, it quickly became clear that something was going on. Amid loud cheers, a cabin attendant opened the door, catching the couple red-handed. The rampaging man quickly closed the door, but by then it was too late. Hysterical yelling and screaming broke out on […]

Air Legend 2023: Team Fly & Fun – Aeronautical news

Article published on September 11, 2023 by David Dagouret This patrol makes presentations at meetings, but also offers solo or patrol initiation flights. The Fly & Fun patrol is based at the Reims-Prunay aerodrome (LFQA) and operates on the L39 Albatros, which is a military training aircraft built by the Czechoslovakian firm Aero Vodochody. The […]

SWISS increases Graz – Zurich

“The additional frequency to Zurich represents an important upgrading of the flight plan. For our passengers, every additional scheduled flight to a large transfer airport means more flexibility, as the number of transfer options is growing,” informs Wolfgang Grimus, Managing Director of Graz Airport. “This leads to better transfer times, higher service quality and ultimately […]

Children only from row 13 – economy

In general, airline managers have great imaginations when it comes to opening up new sources of income. In the past, before the advent of low-cost airlines, everything was included and there was even food in the wooden class. But it has long been customary to pay extra for luggage, for a seat reservation or for […]

Cape Verde: Civil Aviation Regulator suspends airworthiness of BestFly plane

The Civil Aviation Agency suspended the airworthiness certificate of a TICV ATR operated by BestFly Cabo Verde. As a result, many passengers remain on land without being able to reach their destinations and the opposition criticizes the government. The reason for the suspension of the airworthiness certificate of an ATR 72 – 212 plane is […]