Government creates $ 1 billion line of credit for restaurants and accommodations

The national government announced on Tuesday the creation of a line of credit of up to $ 1 billion, focused on the sectors most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, among which are the restaurants and accommodation services, entertainment companies, among other. This line called “Most affected sectors MSMEs” will be part of the “Unidos por […]

Mahfud Asks Attorney General to Capture Djoko Tjandra: There is No Reason to Be Left Around – Coordinating Minister for Politics and Security Mahfud MD claimed to have contacted Attorney General ST Burhanuddin about a high-class fugitive, Djoko S. Tjandra. In a telephone connection, Mahfud ordered Burhanuddin to immediately arrest the big-time convicts and fugitives. “I spoke with the Attorney General to immediately arrest fugitive Djoko Tjandra. This is a […]

the three passengers were able to exit the vehicle through the rear window

Posted on Wednesday, July 1, 2020 at 5:26 p.m. By B.Bt A car, which was circulating this afternoon, on the rue de Châtelet, in the direction of Marchienne-au-Pont, deviated from its trajectory, to end up on the roof. Rescue took care of the three passengers. A spectacular traffic accident occurred this Wednesday afternoon, around 4:30 […]

Tinkov was ill with a coronavirus – Vedomosti

The founder of Tinkoff Bank Oleg Tinkov told Instagram that he had been ill with the coronavirus three months ago. He continues to fight leukemia, which was discovered in October 2019. Doctors at Helios Clinic were able to achieve remission of the disease at the blood and molecular levels, the businessman said. However, he said […]

Family Petty, Trump is not in use songs – Last Time

(ANSA) WASHINGTON, 22 JUNE – the family of The deceased musician american Tom Petty has cautioned formally Donald Trump from use in his campaign, the song ‘I Won’t Back Down’, as made in the rally at the Tulsa. A campaign, have written on Twitter, which “has left behind too many americans and the good sense”. […]

A bit of “Gears Tactics” in this bully world

Gears Tactics looks like a definition of the oxymoron in video games. As if, seized by a sudden attack of fever, an editor had taken it into his head to mix one of the most popular franchises and the worst of Microsoft consoles with the cerebral and cold joys of the genre “Tactical”, rather intended […]