RappiPay and Uflow an alliance that seeks access to credit in Latin America by 2023

RappiPay and uFlow partnered to implement Decision Engines that automate RappiPay’s credit assessment processes and allow users to more efficiently and quickly access their RappiCard credit card. Some of the benefits of this product are: have no handling fee, allow 1% cashback on each purchase, or return up to 5% of purchases when purchasing flights, […]

Musk says Trump will be reinstated at Twitter after winning poll

Elon Musk said it will allow Donald Trump’s Twitter account to be reinstated after users on the social networking site’s website voted 52% to 48% to allow the former president’s return. The 24-hour poll garnered more than 15 million votes. Musk previously reinstated accounts linked to conservative media personality Jordan Peterson and satirical website Babylon […]

China put ICBMs on its nuclear submarines, US says

China has launched new, longer-range ballistic missiles on its six nuclear-powered submarines, allowing it to attack the US mainland from much closer to its own shores, the United States acknowledged publicly for the first time on Friday. The six Jin-class submarines of China they are now “equipped with JL-3 ICBMs,” Admiral Sam Paparo, head of […]

Europe closes in the green and oil loses ground – Markets in a minute

Euribor rises to three and six months to new highs of over 13 years Euribor rates rose today to three, six and 12 months compared to Thursday, in the two shortest periods to maximums since February and January 2009, respectively. The six-month Euribor rate, the most used in Portugal for housing loans and which entered […]

Inflation reaches its highest level in 41 years and grows to 11.1%, London fever

Inflation data makes for a grim reading this morning. Consumer price growth accelerated to 11.1%, more than expected and the highest in 41 years. The figures add to the pressure on the Bank of England to raise rates and put tomorrow’s challenge from the government in an even harsher light. The impact of these prices […]