“Do you know who earns it? – Libero Quotidiano

The revolt against the state and against the banks. L’obligation of Pos for traders and freelancers, forced to accept since yesterday electronic payments with credit cards, even for small amounts, unleashes Giorgia Meloni and many trade associations. “Simply shameful“, accuses the leader of Brothers of Italy: “We have become the nation of obligations and coercions. […]

Mexico begins July with 24,087 new cases and 31 deaths

The Economist – Mexico City The Covid-19 pandemic in Mexico begins in July 2022 with a cumulative of 6.58 million confirmed infections, while the total official number of deaths from this disease is 325,747 deaths, according to data from the Ministry of Health. As of July 1, the Daily Technical Report on the progress of […]

ECB warns: Banks should keep their money together | Company | 07/01/2022

Once again, the European Central Bank (ECB) intervened early on dividends out of concern for the stability of the financial system. “We will propose that banks recalculate their capital trajectories under a less favorable scenario, which also includes a possible gas embargo or recession,” said Andrea Enria, head of the ECB’s supervisory board. The supervisor […]

JPMorgan sees China as ‘safe haven’ for policy easing stocks

China offers a “safe haven” in global equities as the nation is easing policies to boost growth at a time when most of the world is in adjustment mode.according to JPMorgan Chase & Co. “If investors are looking for challenges across markets, China really stands out as something that offers resilience or a safe haven […]

Environment – Frankfurt am Main – Neubauer meets Sewing: criticism of loans for the oil industry – knowledge

Frankfurt/Main (dpa) – The climate activist Luisa Neubauer has accused Deutsche Bank of continuing to finance environmentally harmful business with fossil fuels. “Powerful companies like Deutsche Bank have to withdraw from fossil investments,” said Neubauer from the environmental movement Fridays for Future on Tuesday in Frankfurt. “Hard decisions” are needed against fossil investments, she demanded […]

Cable TV leaders moved more than $1.9 billion in fiscal year 2021

With the stronger return to face-to-face and less time at home, during 2021, capturing the attention of the public became a greater challenge for television companiess, which represented better or worse operating results. As reported by the Superintendence of Companies, last year this sector was led (in terms of income) by Caracol Television, which reached […]

Local banking entities earned up to $11.3 billion during the 2021 financial year

With a cut to December 2021, the banks reached profits of $13.9 trillion, which represented a growth of $2.2 trillion compared to the accumulated in November of last year. National entities contributed $11.3 trillion, while international banks recognized $1.83 trillion and first-tier public banks represented $778,919 million. According to the system figures presented by the […]

An Indian bank extends a credit of 100 million euros to Havana

The Banco Exterior de Cuba and the Exim Bank, a state bank in India, signed an agreement to open a line of credit worth 100 million eurosthe highest number that that entity has granted to Havana so far. The Cuban deputy prime minister, Ricardo Cabrisas, who arrived in India after passing through France to negotiate […]