UAE Central: Increasing interest rates may negatively affect real estate demand

Abu Dhabi – Mubasher: The UAE Central Bank said that the real estate market in the UAE witnessed a significant increase in activity and performance levels during the first quarter of this year. In a recent report entitled “Quarterly Review of the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates – First Quarter 2022”, the Central […]

This will be the new cancer center inaugurated today by Luis Carlos Sarmiento Angulo

Colombia’s highly complex medical care capacity will receive a boost today when the new Luis Carlos Sarmiento Angulo Cancer Treatment and Research Center (Ctic) opens its doors, thanks to an investment of $1.3 billion. Among other things, it will add more than 176 new rooms, illuminated with natural light. The first stage of the Ctic […]

Cali, London and New York, among the venues of the marathons during the year

It’s time to get your tennis shoes ready and improve your times, because in the remainder of 2022 there is a wide agenda of marathons and races in which you can still participate. The first is the Women’s Race on July 31 in Bogotá, which will also be available in virtual format: that is, you […]

Why Gulf stock exchanges returned to rise strongly? Analysts answer

Mahmoud Jamal – Mubasher: Gulf stock exchange indices recorded strong increases at the close of trading on Wednesday, coinciding with traders continuing to carry out selective purchases of major stocks that are expected to announce strong quarterly business results and the spread of reports confirming moving forward in lifting some sanctions against Russia in exchange […]

Following US$3.9 billion deal, Amazon to buy health firm One Medical Inc. announced it would buy primary care company One Medical for $18 a share, the latest move by the e-commerce giant to enter the health care market. The all-cash transaction is valued at about $3.9 billion, including One Medical’s net debt, it said. Amazon in a statement Thursday. One Medical, whose parent company is […]

Tom Cruise and Will Smith’s salaries for latest films top $100 million

The film industry has made a strong comeback, which benefits everyone who makes it up, including, clearly, its actors and actresses, who in addition to strengthening their fame also receive large amounts of money for bringing it to life.your characters. Tom Cruise is one of the best paid in the premieres of this year, because, […]

Real estate buyers are on strike, politicians are alarmed

Mortgage strike worsens real estate crisis More and more homebuyers in China are refusing to pay their mortgages until their homes are completed. (Foto: Bloomberg) Peking The real estate buyer’s desperation is unmistakable: “I paid 1.5 million yuan for an apartment, but it’s not being built,” he complains. “Who has my money?” The man doesn’t know […]

Charities paid banks more than 2.3 million in negative interest

ERIXPHOTOBOOK.NL NOS News•yesterday, 05:08 Nik Wouters editor economics Nik Wouters editor economics Charities have paid millions last year to be able to store donor money at banks. The twenty largest charities involved more than 2.3 million euros that were paid in negative interest, according to an inventory by the NOS. For the past year and […]

Frankfurt Airport ahead of the toughest weekend of the year

Will the flight chaos continue unchanged? Germany’s largest airport in Frankfurt still has its real test ahead of it. Already on the last day of school before the summer holidays in three federal states there will be more activity on Friday than at any time since the outbreak of the corona pandemic in March 2020. […]

Participatory banks: what Takaful insurance will change

Par Khalil Rachdi on 07/17/2022 at 10:36 p.m. © Copyright : DR Kiosk360. Awaited by professionals, Takaful insurance is entering the market. What will it bring, four years after the launch of participatory banks? Some answers in this press review of the weekly La Vie Eco. It is now official: more than four years after […]