This zasca is taken from a restaurant in Barcelona after criticizing this

The fights between dissatisfied customers and hoteliers are the order of the day on the internet. The reason is usually bad reviews, unjustified in the eyes of the employer and totally deserved in the diner’s opinion. And that is what has happened on this occasion, in which a supposed consumer has “cracked” an establishment and […]

Seventh, a beach bar that is also an architectural piece of Ílhavo | Ílhavo

For those who usually frequent Barra beach, in Ílhavo, the name needs no introduction. Those who arrive for the first time are not indifferent either, especially for its circular shape, unusual in a beach bar. The first ones know its history, which is almost 40 years old. The seconds surrender to their experience of the […]

beach party, more security and fire restrictions

After two years marked by the restrictions of the pandemic, Barcelona goes into a festival of Sant Joan of “normality” which will entail a great device specific of safety, fire prevention and cleaning. In 2019 some 60.000 personas They concentrated on the beaches to celebrate that magical night, so the municipal operation starts from that […]

Report on shortage of bars – 11/10/21

Bars are starting to run out of some alcoholic beverages. Brands like Seagram O Beefeater They have been in short supply on the shelves for weeks. Among the causes is the collapse of transport, the rise in raw material prices and the Brexit. The shortage occurs shortly after the lifting of capacity restrictions in the […]

Beer will become more expensive from October onwards, says Ambev

the brewery Ambev, owner of brands such as Skol, Brahma, Antarctica, Bohemia and Stella Artois, reported that will increase the price of beer from October. The manufacturer informed that adjustments in the values ​​of its products happen periodically and that the changes vary according to regions, brand, sales channel and packaging. READ TOO: The readjustment […]