The influence marketing agency Let´s Be Influenced is responsible …

Let´s Be Influenced is a representation agency of influencers and digital strategy that is present in the world of social networks since 2018. It was founded by Maria Majon, a publicist with experience in the sector since 2007 who has made her business one of the best advertising agencies marketing of influence from Spain. Demand […]

Investor Kevin O’Leary relies more on crypto than gold

Kevin O? Leary, known as an investor in “Shark Tank”, the US version of “The Lions’ Den”, gave an insight into his investments. It is also interesting to take a look at the composition of his company ETF. ? “Shark Tank” investor now has higher crypto than gold investments – Bitcoin and gold are not […]

what possibility of being infected has the one who already had Covid

Argentina adds almost 5.3 million of infected registered Covid. The infected curve in recent months touched its bottom two weeks ago. Since then it has risen again, hand in hand with the greater circulation of the Delta variant, while the 55 percent of the population is vaccinated with two doses. While the third wave of […]

Man marries a pot and divorces after four days

Indonesian Khoirul Anam, a resident of Magelang, Java, caused stir on facebook after posting photos of their wedding. In the post, while Anam appeared in the traditional white wedding outfit, her electric “bride” was dressed in a white veil. In the images, the groom signs the documents in the presence of an alleged judge and […]

The turnover of travel agencies suffers from the fifth wave | Companies

The fifth wave of Covid-19 has given the fret with the forecasts of the travel agencies to recover this summer up to 40% of the turnover of 2019 and now they expect to enter only between 25% and 30% after a few months marked by restrictions imposed to control the virus. The president of the […]

benefits come to vaccinated, health passport and the third dose

It seems like a miracle, but it is science. “We said it,” repeat the vaccination managers of the Ministry of Health of Chile. The truth is that, as if by magic, when the country reached 70% of the vaccinated target population -a universe of 15.8 million people- the new reported cases began to plummet. This […]

Trabzonspor pulled the rest to Ekuban! ”We don’t pay…”

Ekuban, whose contract was amended in Trabzonspor at half time but did not extend his contract, did not attend although the first week of the camp had passed. The player, who has both Ghana and Italian citizenship, reported to the club 10 days ago that he had a tax problem. Caleb Ekuban, who could not […]

Key hours for Spanish tourism: the fifth wave threatens the season

“We are worried, things are not being done well,” says a hotel management association “We must stop the damaging image that is being given in some international media”, defends the Tourism Board “We are worried. We are not doing things well ”. Victoria Puche, manager of two hotels and president of the Provincial Association of […]