A fan made a bed of 25 lakh rupees with his own hands for Dipzol!

Brahmanbaria furniture dealer Dulal Mia. He is the son of Abdur Sattar Mia of Mirhati area of ​​Suhilpur Union of Sadar Upazila. He is a blind fan of Dhakai movie Khal actor Manowar Hossain Dipzal. Dulal affectionately calls Deepjol as ‘Mama’. He spent 25 lakh rupees out of love for Dipzol and made a huge […]

“For three weeks stuck in bed with bone-crushing fever”

Milan 21 August 2023 – Un suspected case in Monza, with annexed disinfestation in an area of ​​the Regina Pacis district, immediately after August 15th. Two days after the news of an over seventy year old from Castiglione d’Adda hospitalized in Crema, which would be the first case of dengue fever discovered, at least in […]

Viking Celtic Nordic Bed Duvet Cover 40697861 for Sale in Argentina

Search viking celtic nordic bed duvet cover 40697861 for sale in Argentina. – Ocompra.com Argentina $36,488.49 $26,590.34 $40,251.46 $5,110.00 $20,538.00 $4,599.00 $35,200.00 $29,399.00 $4,185.60 $40,400.00 $68,088.00 $8000.00$2000.00$29000.00$34130.00$56560.00$64847.00$13734.00$14670.00$35840.00$50176.00$95323.00$40600.00$477 82, 00$49840.00$90786.00$194940.00$162540.00$227555.00$67176.00$5110.00$158000.00$128300.00$94046.00$111780.00$65 $240.00 $46,600.00 $148,630.00 $185,800.00 $62,118.00 $44,370.00 $272,915.00

Elite forces wanted to recapture Zaporizhia NPP

Early in the Ukraine war, the Russian attackers managed to capture the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant. They have kept it ever since, although international diplomacy is trying to get it returned because of the danger. And how intensively Russia is defending Europe’s largest nuclear power plant is shown by a report in the “Times”. In […]

How about putting a bed in the toilet? Internet celebrity unboxing “0 rooms, 0 halls, 1 bathroom” super crazy small room… Daily rental NT$265 | International | CTWANT

The head of the black cat unpacked a daily rental apartment in Zhengzhou, Henan. The internal facilities were so small that fans were dumbfounded. (Picture/Flipping bilibili/Black Cat Long) Many young people or backpackers travel abroad, most of them will stay in affordable backpackers or capsule hotels in order to save travel expenses, but if you […]

Global explosion of food allergies is looming. What is the cause?

Kerry Taylor-Smith United Kingdom Yesterday 5 min Over 70% of the UK population could have a food allergy by 2060. Image: cottonbro-studio/Pexels. A worldwide allergy epidemic fueled by loss of biodiversity, pollution, diet and urbanization could be the cause of over 70% of people in the UK living with food allergies by 2060, warns a […]