Angle: Impeachment or Biden’s Concerns “After Midterm Elections” | Reuters

[Washington, 17th Reuters]-The US midterm elections are still about 10 months away. However, the Joe Biden administration and its supporting ruling and Democratic camps may be dominated by Republicans in either the House of Representatives or both houses, launching a series of investigations into the administration and attempting to impeach the president. I’m assuming. The […]

Biden Video Kishida Fumio Worries About Taiwan Strait Peace Overweight Economic Edition 2 Plus 2 | International | New Head Shell Newtalk

U.S. President Biden videotaped Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida (on the screen) on the evening of the 21st. The two sides agreed to establish a ministerial economic version of the “2 plus 2 talks.” They also spent a lot of time discussing China’s intimidation of neighboring countries.Figure: Flip from Biden’s Facebook U.S. President Joe Biden […]

Column: Fed executive personnel, tightening bank capital regulations Reality | Reuters

[Washington, 14th Reuters BREAKINGVIEWS]-US President Joe Biden may have brought turmoil into the field of banking capital regulation. Biden nominated Sarah Bloom Raskin as Vice-Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board (FRB) for banking oversight yesterday. The FRB has so far denied linking bank capital requirements to the issue of warming, but if Ruskin becomes vice […]

Zelensky meets with Biden in Glasgow

Photo: Zelensky and Biden meet at the Glasgow summit The Ukrainian and American presidents discussed the situation in Donbass on the sidelines of the climate summit. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy on the sidelines of the climate summit in Glasgow on Tuesday, November 2, met with US President Joe Biden. “During a conversation with […]

G20 summit: “Disappointing” – US President Biden criticizes China and Russia

foreign countries G-20 summit “Disappointing” – US President Biden criticizes China and Russia Status: 8:36 a.m. | Reading time: 3 minutes “From my point of view, the increase is very worrying” Merkel will travel to the UN climate summit in Glasgow after what will probably be her last G-20 meeting. The Pope is already putting […]

Former U.S. senior official called on Biden to protect the stage immediately because he saw these 3 terrible signs… | International | Newtalk

The PLA’s latest combat landing exercise against Taiwan involved an amphibious combat brigade stationed in Xiamen’s 73rd Army, using the 16,000-ton Bohai Pearl from the Bohai Ferry Group to complete the transportation operations.Figure: Extracted from Baidu Encyclopedia US President Biden participated in the ASEAN Leaders Summit (ASEAN) with leaders of Southeast Asian countries on the […]