Unlike Trump, Biden will not organize a meeting before the presidential election

Unlike Trump, Biden will not organize a meeting before the presidential Le Soir Coronavirus: Donald Trump “more and more angry” against China lalibre.be Biden: “I have not been tested for coronavirus” 7sur7 Trump vs Biden: the presidential campaign turned upside down by Le Soir coronavirus Donald Trump: the slap of several former relatives of Bush […]

US presidential election: has Donald Trump lost the election yet?

DDonald Trump is currently going through the most difficult phase of his almost three and a half years in office. Recession, unemployment, another sharp rise in corona infections and more than 125,000 deaths, and weeks of protests against racism – things are not going well for Trump. Various polls see his challenger Joe Biden ahead. […]

Joe Biden: A woman sponsor suspected

Joe Biden The US presidential candidate sees himself as a champion of women’s rights. (Photo: AP) Washington Those who have such supporters no longer need opponents: Donald Trump of all people has defended his democratic opponent Joe Biden against the charge of sexual harassment. “You suddenly become wealthy, famous and president. And then people who […]

Biden denies alleged employee abuse in 1993: “It never happened”

The former vice president of the United StatesJoe Biden, virtual Democratic candidate for the White House in the November elections, this Friday has broken the silence on theaccusations of a former employee of the Senateto deny that he had abused her 27 years ago. The alleged victim,Tara Reade, who coordinated the scholarship program at Biden’s […]

Biden wins the Wyoming caucuses for the Democratic nomination

EFE Updated:04/20/2020 03: 31h save The former US vice president Joe Biden It was imposed this Sunday in the Wyoming state caucuses, voted by mail due to the coronavirus pandemic and that took place after the leftist senator Bernie Sanders withdrew from the race for the Democratic nomination for the November presidential elections and endorsed […]