Summary of week 212 from November 1 to 5, 2021 – Tomorrow is ours

Someone wants Anna and Karim harm. Anna is first accused of the murder of Marjorie Collet, everything overwhelms her. But Karim is ready to do anything to exonerate him. Shortly after, Jim is found murdered. The accusations then turn to Karim and once again all the evidence overwhelms him. Did Marjorie orchestrate everything, from her […]

Car inspection, bonus starting from 1st November 2021: how to request it

8/10 site When applying, it is necessary to provide some specific data, such as the vehicle registration number to be revised, which must be in the name of the person requesting the bonus o to the company in the event that the applicant is appointed by the company itself, the revision date, l’IBAN on which […]

Superbonus 110% for villas and single houses: extension hypothesis with an income ceiling

9/10 © IPA / Photogram In order to enjoy the Super Ecobonus it is necessary to carry out at least one so-called “driving” intervention which consists inthermal insulation of the building envelope, in the replacement of heating systems with centralized systems, in the replacement of heating systems on single-family buildings or on real estate units […]

Bonus of 100 euros for petrol for those who earn less than 2,000 euros per month

The expensive gasoline worries not only in Italy. The French Prime Minister, Jean Castex, speaking on TF1’s 20:00 TG, yesterday announced to the nation a government aid of 100 euros to allow the middle classes to cope with the increases, which in France are reaching record levels. With six months to go until the presidential […]

The methods and times for the transition to the new digital terrestrial

How to understand which TVs will no longer work Ansa / CorriereTv We will have to wait longer than expected to change TV and decoder to watch television programs with the new DVB-T2. The transition from MPEG2 to MPEG4 has been postponed to October 20. From that date nine Rai and six Mediaset thematic channels […]

What neoinsurers offer in terms of home, car or health insurance

Start-ups allow rapid management of a 100% online contract, from subscription to compensation for claims. But above all, they rely on innovative services in a sector that has remained dusty. They are called Acheel, Alan, Leocare or even Luko. These start-ups, called “neoinsurers” or “assurtech”, are banking on new technologies to find a place for […]

Facade bonus 2021: how it works according to the Enea vademecum

8/11 © IPA / Photogram There are several ways to take advantage of the facades bonus: through the direct use of fiscal detraction, which will be broken down into 10 annual fees of the same amount, through the credit assignment, which can be arranged in favor of credit institutions and financial intermediaries, suppliers of goods […]