Boris Johnson’s controversial bill passed in the House of Commons

The bill of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to return, in violation of international law, on certain commitments in the Brexit Agreement, passed a first obstacle on Monday, being adopted in the House of Commons. The project was adopted despite the fact that part of the conservative camp opposed it, reports AFP. An affront […]

Charles Michel warns Britons: “Take your responsibility …

European Council President Charles Michel warned the British government on Sunday to “take its responsibility” and to fully comply with last year’s separation treaty with the EU. Michel came with his urging on Sunday after a telephone conversation with Irish Prime Minister Micheál Martin. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, meanwhile, gets a blow from two […]

Boris Johnson’s bad pass

DECRYPTION – The conservatives, until then at the top of the polls, have lost 26 points since the imposition of confinement. The British Prime Minister visits Castle Rock School in Coalville on August 26. JACK HILL / AFP London After a Scottish holiday, in the borders of the kingdom to set an example, Boris Johnson […]

Boris Johnson Considers Quarantine For British Coming Out Of Bel …

British nationals who have traveled to Belgium, Luxembourg or Croatia will be “confronted with quarantine measures” on their return to England. That reports The Times. British people who travel to Spain and then want to return to England already had to be quarantined. Now British Prime Minister Boris Johnson would also consider whether this is […]

Boris Johnson attacks anti-vaccines: “They’re crazy”

Boris Johnson Pm British British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Friday called vaccine opponents “crazy”, promoting the UK’s new expanded influenza vaccination program. “There are all these anti-vaccines now. They’re nuts,” he exclaimed during a visit to a medical center in London. His Conservative government has expanded its flu vaccination program, amid fears that health […]

EU-UK talks end in Brussels earlier than planned – Abroad – News

Negotiations in Brussels on the relationship between the two sides after Brexit were expected to last from Monday to Friday, with the participation of small teams. But they are over today. “Our goal was to successfully and quickly bring the negotiations on track to reach an agreement,” said Michel Barnier, head of the European Union’s […]