Leonardo and Margot after 10 years

Earn millions in a few minutes, experience the adrenaline of skydiving with an earpiece and be a modern-day cowboy from the Wild West, only in a well-fitting suit? This is what working in the stock market on Wall Street was like when he was king of it Jordan Belfort, i.e. in the 90s. He was […]

9 classics that could not be continued

After all, who wouldn’t immediately watch the second part of Forrest Gump, Léon, the professional or Zero Hour, right? Nowadays, it is already newsworthy if a sequel, prequel or reboot of a hit film is not ready. However, there are also plenty of cases – both recently and decades ago – when a sequel was […]

Brad Pitt proved that he is the most romantic man in the world

Brad Pitt can’t be with his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, but he made up for it Photo: Getty Images /James Devaney Considering that Brad Pitt is filming his latest movie in New York, he was forced to miss Valentine’s Day – at least physically he couldn’t be with his love. However, that doesn’t mean he […]

Babylon: Satisfying Visual Porn Without Margot Robbie – Review

In Damien Chazelle’s latest film, he both pays tribute to the grandeur of Hollywood and reveals the depravity beneath its glittering facade. The director attempts to tell a grandiose story in a short three hours, which unfortunately failed at the box office and with many critics in America. This is partially understandable: Chazelle creates such […]