Britain: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in Rwanda to defend the plan to deport asylum seekers

Photo REUTERS/Stringer Her interior minister Britain Suella Braverman today defended the plan to deport asylum seekers arriving in the UK illegally to Rwanda, calling it “humanitarian” and “compassionate”. The Conservatives consider tackling irregularity their priority immigrationwhich was also one of his main promises Brexit. But the number of migrants crossing the Channel in small boats […]

Sunak defends new agreement with the EU on Northern Ireland | Europe | D.W.

The British Prime Minister, the Conservative Rishi Sunak, affirmed this Tuesday (02.28.2023) that the agreement negotiated with the EU for the reform of the Northern Irish Brexit protocol “restores and safeguards the sovereignty of Northern Ireland”. Sunak defended, in statements to BBC Radio 4, the advantages of the changes agreed with Brussels, which “ensure”, he […]

Work only 4 days a week; New experiment in Britain, no drop in income

While Kerala is thinking about the fourth Saturday holiday, people in Britain are thinking about working only four days a week. 2900 workers in 61 companies participated in the experiment which started 6 months ago. There was also help from Cambridge University, Boston College and some voluntary organizations. The result was great. Read Also: Are […]

What did a Syrian resident in Britain say about Saudi Arabia after the arrival of the relief fleet for the earthquake victims in Syria! • Observatory Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A Syrian content creator named Nabil sent a message of thanks to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the humanitarian services and support it provides to those affected by the devastating earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria, leaving thousands of victims and injured. And Nabil said, through a video of him on Tik […]

Eurostar leaves hundreds of tickets unsold due to saturation at border controls

The Eurostar, the high-speed rail line that connects Paris to London across the English Channel, is intentionally leaving hundreds of tickets unsold on rush-hour trains. And it is that the border police do not have enough time to process the passports of the passengers, so they have been forced to sell fewer tickets and; in […]

British Prime Minister Sunak fined for not wearing seatbelts

Rewrite this content Instagram/Rishi Sunak NOS News•Friday, 9:42 PM British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has been fined for not wearing a seatbelt. Sunak calls his action an error of judgment and has apologized. The video shows the prime minister in the back seat of a moving car recording a video for his ‘levelling-up’ campaign. It […]