Tarantino made an incredible offer to Bruce Willis

He wants the seriously ill actor to be one of the characters in his last film. As we have written several times before, a Die Hard-films star was diagnosed with aphasia and then with frontotemporal dementia last year, in the first half of the year. Not long after, his family announced the star’s retirement – […]

RTL.hu – Bruce Willis’ wife revealed worrying details about the actor’s condition

Treatment options are unfortunately limited. A 44 éves Emma Heming Willis elárulta, hogy meglehetősen kevés lehetőség van 68 éves férje, a demenciával küzdő Bruce Willis állapotának javítására – írta meg a Mirror. Ha a demencia világában élsz, tudod, hogy a lehetőségek szűkösek. De vannak, akik nem dőlnek hátra, és ez az, amit változást idézhet elő. […]

These are currently the most watched movies and series on Netflix

Let’s see what they liked globally and nationally! It says a lot about the film and TV series fan audience, which are the ten works that are the most watched on Netflix right now. That is why we have collected the most popular ones worldwide, and especially in Hungary. Movies (total) 1. Anya […]

The intimate photos of Bruce Willis after his diagnosis of dementia

The life of Bruce Willis it did a 180 degree turn a year ago. Affected by his final diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia, the actor underwent a significant change in his life and much has been said about the way in which some sequelae of his disease began to appear. That is why, every time Bruce […]

Bruce Willis’ wife shared an unusual photo

Bruce Willis recently celebrated his 68th birthday, and his wife, Emma Heming Willis, may have felt nostalgic about it. Emma, ​​44, who used to work as a model, shared a black-and-white photo of her husband Bruce Willis and his first wife Demi Moore in an Instagram story that will disappear within 24 hours. Under the […]

Here are the 10 best movies – according to artificial intelligence

ChatGPT was asked to compile a list of the 10 best movies of all time. Are The Godfather, Forrest Gump, and Star Wars on your bucket list? What are the best movies of all time is an eternal topic of conversation. Here in the columns of PORT.hu, we have already created a number of top […]

Private video: This is how Bruce Willis celebrates his birthday with dementia

A true legend of the film industry is celebrating his birthday: Bruce Willis has turned 68 and spent the day with his family. A video of the event is now doing the rounds on the Internet and is particularly touching after Willis’ dementia diagnosis. In this article you will find out how Willis does not […]