Evija Vēbere, so discussed in the people, shines with a new special performance

The video was made for the song “” About narrowing down. ” “The anonymous kangaroo comments on the Internet. The clip is directed by Rihards Gēcis, cameraman – Aleksandrs Grebņevs. Related news Rajecka makes peace with Weber, a singer on stage For the first time, Evija Vēbere comments on the much-discussed performance at the centenary […]

Jagentut’s five points do not save Joventut from loss to Schmidt’s Barcelona

The ACB season ended after the games on March 8 and the champion will be determined in Valencia in a 12-team mini-tournament that started on Wednesday. “Joventut” in the first game of group A with the result 92:96 (17:21, 13:23, 27:30, 35:22) gave way to the “Barcelona” club, which left the Latvian Rolandas Šmits out […]

The “Brainstorm” concert in Jelgava has been attended by 28,000 spectators

“Brainstorm” concert tour “Tin Drum Tour” starts in his native Jelgava +87 See more The official guests of the concert tour “Sudden Lights”, “Brainstorm” gospel choir, musician “EdaVārdi”, as well as guest musicians from Sweden Povels Olsson and Magnus Nielons also took the stage in the first concert of “Tin Drum Tour” in Jelgava. As […]

A Spanish court has ordered Neimar Barcelona to pay 6.7 million euros

The Paris-Saint-Germani footballer wanted the Catalan club to pay him the money the footballer thought he owed him since the extension of his contract in October 2016, which was before he left for France next summer. However, the court ruled that Neimar, who joined Saint-Germani in Paris for an already world transfer record (€ 222 […]