EXPOALIMENTARIA 2023: would generate business for more than US$ 320 million

The global consumption of fresh foods, without preservatives and that contribute to health, is one of the factors for which a favorable evolution of Peruvian agro-exports is projected and the arrival of international buyers at the 15th Expoalimentaria (EA23), the fair of the most important food and beverages in Latin America, which this year, it […]

Börse Express – News from the Börse Express PDF from March 27th, 2023 (joy and sorrow of rising interest rates – news from CA Immo, SBO, Verbund, Wienerberger – the money supply is falling – supplementary capital in the chart

The joys and sorrows of rising interest rates In January 2023, in new business with private households, both loans (excluding overdrafts) at an average of 3.95% and tied deposits at 2.03% reached their highest interest rates in over ten years. The result: the interest expenses of existing loans increase significantly, the granting of new loans […]

Jilin Province Issues Proposal for Tomb-sweeping Day Civilization Sacrifice and Sweeping- Local Information- Market Information Network

Jilin Province Issues Proposal for Civilized Sacrificing and Sweeping on Qingming Festival Market Information Network 2023-03-28 16:34:02 Source: People’s Daily Online Comments: Original title: Carry forward the new trend of the times and promote the change of customs The spring breeze is warm, and it is Qingming again. On this occasion of remembering the heroes, […]

Fokus-Talks am Marketing Tag 2023: Change the Business

Urdorf (ots) – After a long break, the KKL Luzern is finally opening its doors again for Switzerland’s most important marketing event. On the topic of focus, marketing professionals talk about how their organizations successfully manage the digital transformation. The Marketing Day also offers a great mix of networking, innovation and entertainment. On April 18, […]

The mortgage firm advances due to the changes to benefit from the fixed rate

The mortgage market is beginning to feel the impact of the rise in interest rates and the inability for some buyers to access a home. Although the data on mortgages registered in January has increased by 2.9% to 37,435 operations, this record hides a reality that is beginning to become apparent: a good part of […]

Local News | News from Kamen on KamenWeb.de

The Compact Disc (CD for short) is an optical storage device that was introduced by Philips/PolyGram and Sony in the early 1980s for the digital storage of music and was intended to replace the record. The format of the compact disc was later expanded to not only store music (CD-DA). Since then, it has also […]