what to do to avoid falling into a case of smishing and vishing

SUBSCRIBERS EXCLUSIVE It is a social engineering technique that steals user data to get money from them. This year it was consolidated as one of the most affected by cyberattacks. And within the attacks, scams are the order of the day: the famous uncle’s tale it became 100% digital in 2022. And every time new […]

Rishi Sunak defends Brexit as employers protest labor shortages

“I voted for Brexit, I believe in Brexit and I know that Brexit can be done, and it is already bringing huge benefits and opportunities for the country.” he said when speaking at the annual conference of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), which takes place in the city of Birmingham. Speaking at the conference, […]

“I am ethnocentric, my race is superior”

The controversial video went viral on Twitter and caused quite a stir. A high school teacher in Pflugerville, Texas, USA sparked controversy and was fired after a video in which he expressed racist comments against his students went viral. “Last Friday, November 11, Pflugerville ISD officials learned of an inappropriate conversation a Bohls High School […]

Mortgages and inflation cause a loss of income of 15% in households with lower income

The deterioration of the economic situation due to these two factors is three times lower in the case of households with higher incomes Families still have 400,000 million variable-rate mortgage loans pending payment The Government wants to approve this Tuesday the plan agreed with the bank to alleviate the rise in the Euribor “The last […]

“This dude is with another”

Amy, from her TikTok account, exposes the stories that her followers send her. This was extremely striking. A influencer from Mexico called Amy exposes, from his account TikTok @amyreyhu with more than 5 million followers, the most striking infidelity stories that the send their followers by private messages. On this occasion, she revealed a extremely […]

He robbed a bank to recover his own money and broadcast it live on Facebook

Sali Hafiz made the decision after a terrible family situation. The unusual event occurred at the Blom bank branch in Beirut, Lebanon. Sally Hafiz (28), entered dressed in black, holding a weapon in her hand and accompanied by her sister. She targeted bank employees and demanded that they hand over US$20,000 to her. The robbery […]

a Spanish official explains why they need Argentines

Twenty days ago the Law of Democratic Memory of Spain came into force, known in these latitudes as the Law of Grandchildren, thanks to which Argentine descendants of Spaniards who have suffered persecution under the Franco dictatorship, which lasted until 1978, can access Spanish citizenship. “For more than three years we have been fighting from […]