Grupo Europea migrates its clients’ services to the cloud advised by Esprinet | Distribution

Recommended: Master complexity in the cloud Read Critical capabilities for microservices monitoring Read Grupo Europea is an expert technological partner in consulting, development, implementation and maintenance of Advanced Computer Systems, whose latest challenge has been to migrate the services of all its clients to the cloud, including the Manuel María Romero Dental Clinic and the […]

“I thought it was supplements because I had exceeded my 4G plan…”

Posted on Monday, November 16, 2020 at 10:32 a.m. Some businesses are more opaque than others in the telecoms world. This is particularly the case with Wister, which has a billing system through the mobile telephone operator. Mohamed, who lives in Liège, believes he has been fooled, as he explains to our colleagues at RTL […]

Diabetes Friends application called Help Patients Understand the Disease – The use of application-based technology is starting to be widely used by diabetes patients. Therefore, it is important to study the effectiveness of using technology-based applications for the treatment of diabetes patients. The Diabetes Friends app supports scientific research on the benefits of using technology for diabetes patients. “One of our missions at […]

The NBA begins on December 22 | NBA

The start of the 2020/2021 NBA season already has half a sanction, nothing more and nothing less than the endorsement of the players. In a meeting held remotely between some representatives with the executive director of the NBPA (players guild), Michele Roberts, approved the date of December 22 as the start of the new campaign, […]

A wide and comfortable portrait of Aher’s house makes Elly Sugigi Betah in Subang

Elly Sugigi. © 2020 Elly Sugigi – Elly Sugigi was so happy because she finally invited her handsome, Aher, to come to her parents’ house in Subang. There, Elly looked relaxed mingling with the Aher family and also relaxing in her room. Aher’s house in Subang turns out to be very spacious and […]

This will be the impressive NBA champion ring for the Los Angeles Lakers

In the last few hours, social networks have been flooded with images with the possible design of the luxurious NBA champion ring of the Los Angeles Lakers. It is one of the most anticipated awards by basketball players in the most important league in the world. As tradition indicates, the team that is consecrated in […]