Customer experiences – STYRIA MEDIA DESIGN – Your design agency Graz/Klagenfurt

Celebrate successes together A number of awards and prizes have already been achieved with products that we have designed for our customers. In the category „Innovativstes Medium“ at INKOMETA – the award for successful internal communication in German-speaking countries – the Styria Bullet Journal (concept & design Styria Media Design) was awarded 1st place. The […]

Aids, three days of free tests: “3,300 cases, many submerged”

A competition for schools, an exhibition, free tests and a three-day national conference which will see the participation of doctors and third sector operators from all over Italy. Bergamo is mobilizing to raise awareness against HIV, with a series of initiatives scheduled from 1 June to 16 June, organized by the associations of the Fast-Track […]

Senior center as a “milestone for Vogtsburg” – Vogtsburg

The Pantaleon house in Oberrotweil is ready to move into / First community starts in June / Great demand. . The Caritas senior center Haus Pantaleon on Bahnhofstraße in Oberrotweil was inaugurated with a ceremony. Pastor Armin Haas blessed the building. The first residents can move in at the beginning of June. The day care […]

Caritas Center Offenbach retains bus network connection

Dhe Caritas old people’s center on the outskirts of Offenbach will continue to be directly connected to the local public transport network via the “Caritas/Buchrainweiher” stop. That says a compromise that the city has worked out with Caritas Offenbach in the past few days. This emerges from two communications from the city and Caritas. The […]

Dependency on Caritas nursing home not acceptable

EThere is a good reason that Offenbach has decided to expand and electrify local public transport as much as possible. Climate protection makes this necessary. Therefore, it is a major setback, especially for the Offenbach mobility department head Sabine Groß from the Greens, who now has to make cuts in public transport, for the expansion […]

Switzerland: Caritas helps one million people in Ukraine

Caritas helps people in Ukraine, while other organizations are withdrawing more and more. The Catholic aid organization is also present in contested areas and is building new centers, according to the Swiss news portal The aid organization Caritas has provided a million people with the essentials since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. […]

Switzerland: A significant portion of donations goes to administration

An analysis shows that aid organizations and non-profit organizations use a significant proportion of donations for administrative costs. However, the study also points out that this does not necessarily mean that the organizations are inefficient. The comparison service Moneyland presented the study. According to their analysis for Switzerland, non-profit organizations (NPO) sometimes incur a considerable […]

Welfare Learning Campus – League of Independent Welfare Care in Baden-Württemberg

The following content is taught in two basic modules and two advanced modules: Support persons in households (framework conditions, role) Basic knowledge of dementia diet in old age Clean textiles Basic knowledge diseases in old age In Baden-Württemberg there are around 1,200 outpatient care services and more than 1,000 recognized offers for support in everyday […]

Around a third of all refugee children need therapeutic help

war in Ukraine. A burden on the psyche. Especially for affected children. The exhibition “Between” is a joint project of the staff of psychological family and life counseling and Amnesty International. The upcoming exhibition in the Ulm City Library shows therapeutic work by traumatized children. The war in Ukraine has given the exhibition new topicality. […]