Government clarifies Bloomberg figures on Covid

The controversy was ignited this Thursday with an article published by the magazine ‘Bloomberg’, which shows that Colombia currently has the fourth highest number of cases in Latin America and that on a per capita basis the death figures of the country in recent weeks they are the worst in the world, with 43.1 deaths […]

A customs dog sniffs € 250,000

“Money has no smell,” the saying goes. But Aki, the sniffer dog from Frankfurt airport, doesn’t care, her muzzle having detected a quarter of a million euros in passenger belongings in a few days. Between the end of June and the beginning of July, a dozen travelers considered to be suspicious were sniffed by this […]

Cape Verde Justice Authorizes Extradition of Alex Saab to the US

The Cape Verde Justice authorized the extradition to the United States of the Colombian businessman Álex Naím Saab Morán, who has been imprisoned in the African country for almost two months for alleged money laundering in favor of the regime in Venezuela. This was confirmed on Tuesday by José Manuel Pinto Monteiro, one of the […]

Last minute: Cash support payments begin

Minister Selçuk said, “The payments of the cash wage support for the June period will take place between 8-10 July in order to prevent the density. The last digit of the Turkish Identity Number of the workers, who had been terminated after 15 March but could not be entitled to unemployment allowance, on 8 July, […]

The mess of the alleged US $ 300 thousand from the Venezuelan Oswaldo Cisneros to the CD

The Prosecutor’s Office investigates the Oswaldo Cisneros’ apparent donation of US $ 300,000, a family member and partner of the Venezuelan magnate Gustavo Cisneros, to the 2018 campaign of President Iván Duque. However, the Central Democratic Party affirmed this Wednesday in a statement that the statement made in the last hours by the director of […]

Investment funds attract 614 million euros in June | Funds and Plans

The money that came out in terror from the investment funds in March returns strongly. During the month of June, the funds marketed in Spain registered net fund-raising worth 614 million euros, which has considerably reduced net redemptions in the toughest months of the Covid-19 stock crisis. According to preliminary data disclosed by Inverco, the […]

Cash, new roof from today

Starting from July 1st, cash payments to professionals, employees or anyone who provides us with an asset, service or service cannot exceed 2000 euros whereas previously the ceiling was set at 3000 euros. Rent, plumber, medical tests, lawyer: starting from July 1, cash payments to professionals, employees or anyone who provides us with an asset, […]

Bonus Pos, who are the beneficiaries of the facility: what it is and how it works

Since July the cash payment limit drops to 2 thousand euros: in practice, for all transactions involving an exchange of money in excess of this sum, it will be forbidden to use cash. To incentivize this type of operation, then, the Government has considered introducing the bonus Pos, addressed to all those professionals who are […]

the limit on expenses does not block tax evasion – Il Tempo

Filippo Caleri June 28, 2020 No way. Bringing the threshold for cash expenses from the current € 3,000 to € 2,000 (as will happen from July 1st) will not bring out the shadow economy. At most, it will only be able to enrich banks which, on the commissions applied to digital payments, are rebuilding their […]