The Future of Payments: Digital Cards and Electronic Payment Systems

The digital age and advancement of technology Without a doubt, it continues to amaze the human being, due to the effective way in which they can reach replace services or products, making many of these even disappear completely, such is the case of toilet paper, cash and even jugs of water. Now a new piece […]

May 14.. “Kingdom” shareholders discuss distributing quarterly dividends in 2023

Riyadh – Mubasher: The Board of Directors of the Kingdom Holding Company decided to hold the Ordinary General Assembly meeting (the first meeting) on ​​the evening of Sunday, May 14, 2023; To discuss a number of topics, including the distribution of quarterly profits in the year 2023. And the company stated, in a statement on […]

Stockbroker responds to BCU sanction and denies making cash loans

The Superintendency of Financial Services of the BCU decided to apply the fine to Puente Corredor de Bolsa for different breaches. The resolution stated that it had been verified that the brokerage charged price differences to its clients that were not informed in their account statements. Other irregularities found were the granting of loans to […]