“Dune 2” theatrical release: sequel confirmed – News 2021

After “Dune” was shown in cinemas more than a month before its American theatrical release, it was not possible to make a precise forecast about the success of the film for a long time. But now Dune has also become a success in the USA and a sequel has been confirmed immediately. There is even […]

Breisgau: Bull stable | Film-Rezensions.de

Content / criticism “Breisgau: Bullenstall” // Start of Germany: October 20, 2021 (ZDF) Even if the Rostock commissioner Tanja Wilken (Catherine Nesytova) is warmly welcomed to her new position in Freiburg, she doesn’t get really warm with the people there. So it irritates her that somehow everyone seems to be related to everyone: your new […]

Fertilizer PV Maxsil 1500

For more information: Pulverizar SA Pulverized Minerals Choices Watch Description PV Maxsil 1500, is a specialized product for citrus, avocado, banana, coffee, pastures, etc., which are planted between 1700 and 2000 MSNM In general, Colombian soils have been affected by various negative factors such as erosion, herbicides, fungicides, and inadequate fertilizations, since there is no […]

Hippocrates and I | Film-Rezensions.de

Content / criticism “Hippocrates and I” // Start of Germany: October 13, 2021 (Arte) When 23 year old Benjamin (Vincent Lacoste) starts his job as an assistant doctor in a Paris hospital, expectations are high. After all, his father Professor Barois also works there (Jacques Gamblin), who heads internal medicine. But it’s not just the […]

Cinema: receipts up with + 295%, in the lead Me against you – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, AUGUST 23 – Signs of recovery for the cinema takings of Italian cinemas over the last weekend, which recorded € 2,885,077, + 295% compared to the previous weekend (€ 945,892). At the top of the Cinetel ranking of the top ten most viewed films is the children’s comedy Me Against You. The […]