Loan extortionists fall ‘drop by drop’ in CDMX

By Redaction CDMX on the Net Written in CDMX he 29/3/2023 · 12:23 hs Omar García Harfuch, chief of the Mexico City police, announced that after simultaneous operations in three city halls, they managed to arrest three criminals who are dedicated to dripping. In these operations, they managed to secure $260,000, along with drugs and […]

Sedema continues with workshops for the preservation of corn

Sedema continues with workshops for the preservation of corn by Writing | Mar 19, 2023 Through the workshop “Agroecological production of native corn”, Sedema seeks alternatives for the preservation of its consumption and production in CDMX Conservation Land The Secretariat of the Environment of Mexico City (Sedema), through the General Directorate of the Commission for […]

What was María Félix’s favorite dish and in which CDMX restaurant did she eat it?

Written in LIFESTYLE he 18/3/2023 · 06:15 hs Maria Felix She was an elegant woman, who visited places of the upper class, like the “Prendes” restaurant, where she ate her favorite dish. Instagram @mariafelixoficial_ The place where the “Doña” went many times, was founded in 1892 by the brothers Manuel and Rafael Prendes, who arrived […]

Chicano art that builds bridges Chicano art that builds bridges

In Fine Arts, the catalog that integrates the work of 29 creators from southern California with Mexican descent was presented CBuilding Bridges. Chicano / Mexican Art from Los Angeles to Mexico It is a project that arose thanks to the enthusiasm of Cástulo de la Rocha (who participated in the Chicano movement in the sixties), […]

Elisa and Ana Elena, two faces of the acid violence that corrodes Mexico

“After the attack you do not accept your body” 21 years ago, Elisa Xolalpa was attacked by her partner; she today she demands justice Elisa Xolalpa Martinez She never imagined that the acid used in the Xochimilco chinampas to fertilize some plants would be used by her assailant to mark her for life. The year […]

Attention! They disseminate a new modus operandi of the “montachoques” in CDMX

Rewrite this content A family was intimidated by a group of montachoques from Mexico City, who after two hours of intimidation managed to get the family to give them money, apparently the victims had called 911, but the police never arrived. According to information from Francisco Santa Anna on Foro TV, the events occurred in […]