Kate Winslet in hospital: actress injured while filming in Croatia

Concern for actress Kate Winslet. The ‘Titanic’ celebrity is currently filming in Croatia for a new movie – but an accident happened just then. She had to be taken to the hospital. Kate Winslet is still in front of the camera 25 years after her hit film “Titanic”. She is currently shooting in Croatia for […]

Bartender Andris Reizenbergs angrily scolds a rude minibus driver

As the magazine “Kas Jauns” writes, Andris Reizenbergs, the well-known bartender, world champion in making cocktails and manager of the beverage brand “Lyre’s” in Latvia, who left Riga with his family and moved to Ozolnieki last year, adapts to the economic situation by traveling by public transport in suitable situations. not a private car. Recently, […]

The price of electricity in Latvia decreased last week

Last week, the price of the “Nord Pool” system, as well as the average electricity prices in the Baltics, decreased. There was also a price reduction elsewhere in Europe – in Germany the price of electricity was 403.17 euros per MWh or 18% less than the previous week, in France the price of electricity fell […]

The first vaccine adapted to omicron variants has been approved in the EU

It is the first vaccine of its kind approved in the European Union. “The EZA Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use has recommended the approval of a customized bivalent vaccine targeting omicron subvariants BA.4 and BA.5 in addition to the original SARS-CoV-2 strain,” EZA said in a statement. Omicron variants BA.4 and BA.5 cause […]

A critical situation in the Valmiera theater due to a dispute between VNĪ and the builder

On Wednesday, Puntulis had invited Renars Griškevics and Jelena Gavrilova, members of the board of the VNĪ, to a meeting in order to receive explanations about the current status of the construction works of the Valmiera theater building, as well as the scenarios for future actions, informed the minister’s adviser Inga Vasiļjeva. State secretary of […]

VIDEO: a Latvian gets to upset one of the leaders of the Slovenian basketball team at the European Championship

In recent days, social networks have not lacked sharp criticism of Lukas Doncic’s unsportsmanlike behavior – simulating, constantly talking to the referees and trying to prove his rightness and provoking opponents, however, this did not prevent the Slovenians from convincingly securing a place in perhaps the strongest subgroups (France, Germany, Lithuania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and […]