China locks in for another Covid wave; warn 65 million patients

digital millennium Mexico City, Mexico / 25.05.2023 17:28:00 More than three years after the covid-19 pandemic began in the province of Wuhan, Chinese authorities are preparing for what could be a new wave that could generate up to 65 million infections per week. According to the Spanish media The vanguard, XBB variant threatens resurgence of […]

In China, a new wave of COVID is forecast with an estimated 65 million infections

China is preparing for a new wave of covid infections that could reach the 65 million cases per week by the time the rise peaks in late June, the respiratory disease specialist estimated Zhong Nanshan at a medical conference this week in the southern city of Guangzhou. According to state media, he told the audience […]

Covid China, what are the risks of the XBB variant

On 5 May lastThe World Health Organization had decreed the end of the state of health emergency, which began on January 30, 2020, however, renewing, even after weeks, the appeal to update vaccines to the new variants. Those currently approved against Covid “continue to provide a substantial protection against serious illness and death, which is […]

Alibaba’s cloud computing division begins a new round of layoffs

normal May 23, 2023 16:35 pm Alibaba Group headquarters in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China (Reuters) The cloud computing division of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. has begun a round of job cuts, seeking to cut headcount by about 7%, as part of an overhaul aimed at preparing the once-fast-growing unit for its episodic and eventual IPO.People […]

Jörg Wuttke: Germany’s Top Business Representative in China

Jörg Wuttke is the best-known German business representative in China. Born in Sinsheim, he has lived in the billionaire country with only a few interruptions since 1982. He was chairman of the German Chamber of Commerce and then three times President of the EU Chamber of Commerce in China. In this function, he visits the […]

China has predicted 65 million Covid cases a week since June

According to the National Health Commission, the recombinant XBB variants of Omicron show superior transmissibility and immune escape to Omicron, but without significant changes in terms of pathogenicity. The current wave should therefore not produce the overwhelming effects seen last winter on Chinese hospitals after the abandonment of the Zero Covid policy #China #predicted #million […]

Cui Zhongfu: Excellent structure and brand creation to promote high-quality and sustainable development of the food supply chain_Federation News_China Logistics and Purchasing Network

Create a brand with an excellent structure to promote high-quality and sustainable development of the food supply chain ——Speech at the “2023 4th International Conference on Food Supply Chain” Cui Zhongfu, Vice President and Secretary General of China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing May 23, 2023 Dear guests from home and abroad: good morning guys! […]

They found a Chinese limousine cemetery, the sight is depressing

A Chinese blogger recently shared the following video on his social media page, in which we can see dozens of abandoned Hongqi L5 limousines being destroyed in a junkyard. These cars were mostly used by Chinese politicians, and ordinary citizens could buy them after 2014 for 5-6 million yuan, at that time this was equivalent […]

China’s Mysterious Aircraft Releases Strange Objects in Space

Jakarta – Recently, China land aircraft mysteriousafter 9 months in Earth orbit. The plane was monitored by several parties in the United States and they got strange findings. China is also one of the few countries capable of launching space shuttles. “The success of this experiment marks a significant breakthrough in our country’s research into […]

“Why the G-7’s Weak Response to China’s Aggression is Not Churchillian”

European Council President Charles Michel, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, French President Emmanuel Macron, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, US President Joe Biden, German Chancellor , Olaf Scholz, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen pose for a group photo after laying wreaths at […]