Chinese companies have reportedly stopped chip production for Huawei; What this means?

The problems continue for Huawei and this time it is not the international companies that are causing him problems or the governments of Western countries. It seems that a number of Chinese companies have stopped chip production for Huawei. We have details below. According to Digitimes, Chinese chip makers have begun suspending the delivery of […]

Venezuela will incorporate Chinese medicine into the treatment against COVID-19

Without giving further details, he indicated that this medicine will be incorporated into the “treatment schemes” applied in the Caribbean country. The cargo, which also includes medicines included in the treatment scheme applied in Venezuela, arrived on a plane from the US-sanctioned national state airline Conviasa. With this shipment, they add more than 700 tons […]

Due to expected subsidies: In China, the number of hydrogen cars produced will skyrocket

As hydrogen-powered carmakers expect Chinese authorities to announce an increase in subsidies for this form of transportation by the end of the month, leading companies in the industry have announced the launch of their projected production, Reuters reported. The largest participant in the automotive market in the country – SAIC Motor, announced that within the […]

Virologist now wants to prove that virus comes from the laboratory – coronavirus

Out of fear, Dr. Yan moved to the United States in April after researching the coronavirus. She now wants to prove that the virus is human. “It comes from the laboratory in Wuhan,” says Dr. Li-Meng Yan in an interview with British television program “Loose Women” on ITV on Friday. The Chinese researcher means the […]

Indonesia does not escape from China’s ‘game’, there are 12 countries that are used by the panda country to strengthen foreign military logistics, Pakistan is also a target! – All Pages – The United States Department of Defense (US) said Pakistan was one of the countries used by China to strengthen military facilities. Apart from Pakistan, there are also Asian countries that China has involved in pursuing its targets. Some of them are Myanmar, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia. China is said to be trying to […]

Shooting with folding shells was shown on video – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

The block has no swig template (required) The block does not have a data file (the presence is optional) A video of test firing of the new CS / AA5 combat module with a 40-mm automatic cannon has been published in China. The most interesting thing about it is ammunition. The gun uses two types […]

Barry Buzan: “There is a self-destruction of the United States as a super power”

Related news Barry Buzan it is as intellectually sophisticated as it is eclectic. Emeritus Professor of the London School of Economics He is one of the greatest exponents of the English School of International Relations and, in addition, of the Copenhagen School. Buzan discusses both realism and liberalism, the two most influential theoretical currents in […]

Hot Again! Trump Will Block China’s Semiconductor Giant

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Donald Trump administration through the US Department of Defense is considering imposing export restrictions on Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC), China’s largest semiconductor producer. A US Department of Defense spokesman said the government was in discussion over the possibility of SMIC being added to the Department of Commerce’s list of […]

China and unapproved drugs

BEIJING The Xinjiang region government is taking draconian measures to combat the coronavirus, including spraying people with a disinfectant, forced confinement of people in their homes, strict quarantines of more than 40 days, and arresting those who do not comply. The restrictions. In addition, in what some experts consider an ethical misconduct by doctors, some […]