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In addition to the ingenuity and perseverance of the NASA, China also has a rover in Marte. It is the Tianwen-1, the same name of the mission of the Asian country that tries to discover the mysteries of the red planet. It was in February 2021 when the Chinese rover settled on the fourth planet […]

The Chinese fever for garlic: from ancient medicine to currency to buy homes

From ancient medicine and an essential ingredient in the country’s gastronomy… to ‘currency’ with which to pay the entrance fee when purchasing a home. China has the largest market for garlic, with a global share of 75%, which places it ahead of India, Indonesia and Bangladesh. Explain Ignatius Crespoan economist, that the devotion to this […]

“NATO has blood on its hands”

The unity within NATO, unsurprisingly, has gotten the anger out of her. In addition to the warning from the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, there is the Chinathe another threat to the Atlantic Alliance. And it is that to China did not like that NATO considers it a challenge and has accused the Alliance of […]

Chinese spacecraft collects images of Mars’ south pole | NOW

An unmanned Chinese spacecraft has collected footage from the planet Mars. Among other things, images of the ‘south pole’ on the red planet have been made for the first time, the China Lunar Exploration Project reported on Wednesday. The Tianwen-1 reached Mars in February 2021. A robotic vehicle was placed on the surface while the […]

Portugal wins the first carbon padel racket factory – Industry

Born in Porto, in August 1983, he moved to Braga at the age of 20 and graduated in Radiology, an activity he never practiced. He has a master’s degree in Marketing Management and spent half a dozen years in the world of communication, having also been involved in the launch of the No More Hair […]

Learn to be content but also learn lessons——An exclusive interview with Xu Jiamin, the coach of China’s three-person women’s basketball team

Xinhua News Agency, Antwerp, June 27th, title: Learn to be content but also learn lessons – an exclusive interview with China’s three-person women’s basketball coach Xu Jiamin Xinhua News Agency reporters Xiao Yazhuo and Lin Deren With a little regret, the Chinese three-person basketball women’s team ended their first international competition after the Tokyo Olympics, […]