Chang’e 5 ship approaches the Moon | Urania

The first Chinese mission to bring samples of the Moon to Earth is entering a crucial stage. The Chang’e 5 ship has already performed two trajectory correction maneuvers and on Saturday, November 28, it will enter orbit around our natural satellite. On November 24, the Long March 5 rocket launched the Chinese ship Chang’e 5 […]

Apple Called Already Started Preparing Production from Vietnam

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Foxconn, a factory that produces Apple, iPad and MacBook devices, has moved part of its production process to Vietnam. According to anonymous sources with knowledge of the plan, it was done to minimize the impact of the trade war between China and the United States. The developments came as the administration of […]

Wang Yi is also a “devil”! Saying that his visit to Han Ru sees his relatives late and was approved 25 minutes: barbarians from backward countries | International | Newtalk

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. Photo: Dazhi Image/Reuters (data photo) Wang Yi, the head of China’s war wolf diplomacy and foreign minister, tried to dismantle the US-led “anti-China alliance”. When he visited South Korea on the 26th, he claimed that visiting South Korea is like visiting relatives, taking the opportunity to draw closer relations between […]

Microsoft will try its luck in the Chinese market with Xbox Series X | S

Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord / Forums After that historic ban against consoles imposed by the Chinese government in 2014, the environment became favorable for console manufacturers as they can now place their products in this important market, although they must be subject to review and […]

Finally! Xi welcomes Biden to strengthen China-US relations

Finally! Xi welcomes Biden to strengthen China-US relations Date 26 Nov 2020 at 12:45 Xi Jinping congratulates Joe Biden after winning the election more than two weeks. CNN reported on Nov. 25, China’s President Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory message to Joe. Biden said that the new president of the United States. After winning the […]

Venezuela begins supplying oil directly to China.

27 November 2020 1,293 Venezuela begins supplying oil directly to China. Do not care about the US sanctions. Venezuela once again begins shipping oil directly to China. US sanctions have forced Venezuela to trade oil with China for more than a year. The report is derived from information on the Maritime Movement from Refinitiv Eikon […]