TikTok Stops Operating in Hong Kong, This Is the Reason

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – TikTok will stop operating in Hong Kong, joining other social media companies. This was to be aware of the consequences of national security laws that took effect starting last week. This short video application plans to leave Hong Kong such as social media platforms and other messaging applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, […]

As World War Towers, China Adds One Country As A List Of Its Enemies – All Pages

Sosok.ID – If China continues to claim 80 percent of the South Pacific waters as its sovereignty then don’t blame other countries united in bombing Panda. In fact not only with Asian countries China had an argument. With the United States (US) and European countries, China has also been in a relationship that is not […]

Black Plague. China with new suspicious case and Russia bans marmot hunting

Authorities in northern Inner Mongolia, an autonomous province of China, stepped up precautions after it was confirmed that a pastor had contracted bubonic plague. There are already more suspected cases in neighboring Mongolia, a 15-year-old teenager. The man who has already been confirmed to remain in stable condition in a hospital in Bayan Nur, the […]

Heats up! United States Aircraft Carrier Displaying War Exercises in Front of Chinese Warships in the South China Sea, the Land of the Panda to the Media Call the Soldiers’ Action to Warm Up the War – All Pages

National Interest/Wikimedia United States aircraft carriers Gridhot.ID – The South China Sea has begun to heat up. The United States of America is involved in the cold conflict in the region. Even two aircraft carriers of the United States Navy (US) conduct exercises in the contested South China Sea, right in front of the eyes […]

Traveling abroad: Where can you go? (INFOGRAPHY)

In addition to Slovenia, Latvia and Estonia also restricted the entry of Czechs into their territory due to the increase in the number of new cases of coronavirus. While Latvians require a mandatory 14-day quarantine of Czechs upon arrival in the country from 3 July, Estonians introduce this obligation on 7 July. Quarantine in both […]

China Be Wary of Bubonic Plague

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – The authorities China near the Mongolian border continues to improve preparedness after a farmer in the region is positive bubonic plague. Bayannur City Health Commission said the man is now in stable condition at the hospital. Bubonic plague is a disease that originates from the bacterium Yersinia pestis. The disease is […]

Trump Claims 99 Percent of Corona Cases in the US Are Harmless, These Are the Facts

Jakarta – United States President Donald Trump has repeatedly made statements that have aroused controversy over the Corona COVID-19 virus. In fact, recently he called 99 percent of Corona cases in the United States (US) harmless. This statement came on the United States Independence Day on July 4 yesterday. In the middle of his speech, […]

Initially Violent Total Until Killed 20 Enemy Soldiers, China Finally Slammed and Started Unloading Tent Troops, All Panda Warriors Reported Backing From the Indian Border – All Pages

https://www.afternoonvoice.com/ Indian and Chinese troops Gridhot.ID – The fight between China and India is likely to soften. Previously the two countries had argued so hard that India made an extraordinary boyot call in the country. But now the Chinese Government is reportedly starting to pull back troops along the contested border with India on Monday […]

Health alert issued for possible bubonic plague case in China town

Beijing – The authorities of a northern city of China They issued a level 3 health alert, the second lowest on the scale in that country, after a possible case of bubonic plague was detected, reports the official press. The Municipal Health Commission of the city of Bayannur (in the northern region of Inner Mongolia) […]