Chinese dumplings by Aux Globes Caterers in Bailleul

EWhat if you brought a little bit of Asia to your plate? Open since April, this week it’s the turn of the Les globes Caterers chain in Bailleul to concoct a recipe for us “With flavors from elsewhere and which makes you travel”. Time for preparation! … .

A diversion that may not please anyone

Through To know . | 13 December 2020 at 19:42 Listen to the article The whole region, not to say the whole of southern Tunisia, with its citizens, its administration, its nursing staff, impatiently awaited the outcome of the project to build the new hospital in Sfax. It should also be known that this project […]

China’s Chang’e-5 probe docked with the orbital and reentry modules :: Society :: RBC

The takeoff module of the Chinese automatic station “Chang’e-5” successfully docked with the orbital and return module and reloaded samples of lunar soil for delivery to Earth. It is reported by the China National Space Administration. “At 5:42 Beijing time (00:42 Moscow time) – RBC.) On December 6, the Chang’e-5 takeoff module successfully docked with […]

Changsha: Innovation Center for China’s New Media Industry | 11/21/20

CHANGSHA, China, 21. November 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Am 19.11. fand in Changsha successfully held the China New Media Conference 2020, which again attracted the attention of the entire Chinese new media industry Changsha steered. Changsha has held two consecutive new media conferences since last year, and the city aims to become a leader in China’s […]

Le Matin – Quanhai Li, new president of the International Sailing Federation

Li Quanhai was elected president of FIV as the first Chinese to hold the post, received 68 votes, compared to 60 in Andersen, in office since 2016. Ph: DR The Chinese Quanhai Li is the new president of the International Sailing Federation (IVF) after having preceded Sunday in the poll organized during a virtual general […]

Alioune Ndoye denies and talks about Cabal

Chinese ships accused of illegal fishing: Alioune Ndoye denies and talks about Cabal The Group of Shipowners and Fishing Industry in Senegal (Gaipes), supported by Greenpeace, has been denouncing the illegal introduction of foreign vessels into the Senegalese fleet for several months. According to fishing stakeholders, fishing licenses have been awarded to the boats named […]

Chinese hackers have infiltrated Vatican computers

A cybersecurity company in the United States assured that Chinese hackers had infiltrated Vatican computers in the last three months, said The New York Times, at a time when Rome and Beijing discussed the conditions of extension of the agreement for the appointment joint bishops. The American newspaper The New York Times published today that […]

YouTube launched a competitor to TikTok :: Business :: RBC

For now, YouTube is only available to users in India. At the end of June, the authorities of this country blocked TikTok Фото: Toby Melville / Reuters Video hosting YouTube has launched a short video service YouTube Shorts. YouTube announced this in its official blog. The new service, like TikTok, can shoot 15-second videos, which […]

Xiaomi has released a t-shirt measuring the pulse

Photo: Price – about $ 43 The Chinese corporation has released a smart T-shirt with a built-in ECG sensor. Now the athlete will be able to build a balanced workout: reduce the load or, conversely, increase the pace. Xiaomi has launched the MIJIA Sports ECG T-Shirt. The novelty has an ECG sensor that picks […]