This is the protocol for returning to face-to-face classes

This Thursday the Federal Council of Education where they decided the protocol of the back to classroom in the schools of the country. Each of the provincial education authorities will decide when to do so according to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Nicols Trotta, the nation’s minister of education, led the virtual meeting with […]

They seek to approve the protocols for the progressive return to classrooms

The Federal Council of Education (CFE), with the participation of the ministers of Education of the 24 jurisdictions, will meet tomorrow (Thursday) in a virtual assembly for the approval of the minimum and mandatory protocols for the progressive return to classrooms when the situation epidemiological permit. The document was presented days ago by the head […]

288 deaths recorded in the last 24 hours

Posted on Monday, June 29, 2020 at 6:50 a.m. By Sudinfo with Belga The United States has registered 288 new deaths linked to Covid-19 in the last 24 hours, announced Sunday the American university Johns Hopkins, whose count refers. The infection rate remains high in the United States, which is fighting against a new outbreak […]

Flat-rate ban on classroom instruction unjustified

Classroom Many parents are worried about their livelihood because they have to give up childcare because of childcare, says the President of the Association of Pediatricians. (Photo: dpa) Cologne In the corona crisis, the professional association of pediatricians considers that a blanket ban on classroom attendance in schools is not medically justified. It was also […]

security forces call to stay away from the scene (photos)

Posted on Thursday, May 21, 2020 at 12:57 p.m. By Sudinfo Significant smoke emanates from the nuclear power plant, making the fire visible from a distance. A major fire broke out this Thursday morning at the Dodewaard nuclear power plant in the Netherlands. Rescue services are mobilized en masse on the spot. According to information […]

Oil prices: has the worst happened?

London (awp / afp) – Has the worst happened for the oil market? Prices collapsed in March and April, with the coronavirus pandemic undermining the demand for black gold while the overabundant supply was almost overflowing supplies across the planet. But in recent weeks, prices have picked up and stocks are declining, however demand remains […]

School in times of Corona: normality looks different

Berlin Markus Beyer says: “I can no longer – and I now have a hatred for the teachers.” Beyer works in the home office, but his ten-year-old son “bursts into almost every video conference because he is completely underutilized”. The class teacher had a pack of worksheets ready for collection at the school in mid-March. […]

“Regular classes are canceled for at least one year”

Dhe majority of students have not been to school for a single day since mid-March. Graduating classes have only started again last week. They may not be receiving on-site lessons in all subjects, but at least in the main subjects and examination-relevant subjects. Further easing will follow. This Tuesday morning, for example, the Bavarian cabinet […]

Nicole Belloubet: “The experimentation of the departmental criminal courts will be extended”

The courts are preparing for the gradual resumption of all activities. An important job for professionals because everywhere non-emergency hearings have been postponed. Increasing the stock of overdue business, already significant after two months of lawyers’ strike against the pension reform. Minister Nicole Belloubet announces several decisions for this post-containment management. Interview. How is the […]