Formerly coal, now electric motorbikes, which issuer is the champion?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The coal business is still lucrative. Moreover, although it still fluctuates, the price still tends to be high. However, slowly this business began to be abandoned. The perpetrators are now even more interested in the electric vehicle business. At least two coal mining companies are starting to expand into the electric […]

The Mystery of IDR 300 Trillion from Biden for RI, Debt or Grants?

Nusa Dua, CNBC Indonesia – The G20 Summit in Bali which has been taking place since yesterday, Tuesday (15/11/2022), has been officially closed today, Wednesday (16/11/2022) by President Joko Widodo (Jokowi). The two-day G20 Summit also had a positive impact on Indonesia. One of them is the funding commitment of up to US$ 20 billion […]

2 Giant Coal Power Plants Are Already Operating, You Know, These Are the Owners

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Two coal-based Steam Power Plants (PLTU) with a “jumbo” capacity of 2×1,000 Mega Watt (MW) each have been operational in 2022. The two giant power plants are PLTU Batang, Central Java and PLTU Jawa 4 Tanjung Jati B, Jepara, Central Java. This was disclosed by the Director of Corporate Planning and […]

Coal Prices Fall 7%!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Coal prices continue to stay in the red zone. In trading on Wednesday (9/11/2022), the December contract price of coal on the ICE Newcastle market was recorded at US$ 300.15 per ton. Black sand prices fell 7.2% compared to the previous day. If calculated in a day, the decline of 7.2% […]

World Bank Until Fitch Predicts End of Coal Party, When?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Coal prices are expected to continue to slope in the future in line with the economic slowdown and increasing supply. The Australian government even estimates that the price of black sand has fallen in the first quarter of 2023. Coal prices will continue to decline in the future, as reflected in […]

Who Says Indonesia is Safe for Recession in 2023? This is the proof of the horror

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) and Finance Minister Sri Mulyani are keen to report that there is a big storm that will hit the world economy starting in 2023. The good intention is for people to become aware of the situation, be alert and prepare themselves. Unmitigated, President Jokowi revealed the scary […]

AGE targets 20 billion annual revenues by virtue of high coal prices

Asia Green Energy: Coal prices remained stable in 2016 as energy demand increased following the economic recovery. Set a revenue target of more than 20 billion baht next year, continuing to grow from this year’s revenue reaching 18 billion baht. Mr. Phanom Kuansataporn, Chief Executive Officer Managing Director of Asia Green Energy Public Company Limited […]

“Here comes the crisis”: The government’s political capitulation on coal

– You have to think not only about buying fuel for winter, but also air purification systems and anti-smog masks. Lignite is a difficult fuel with high moisture content that needs to be burned a lot to generate energy. When burned, it emits a lot of carbon dioxide, sulfur compounds or even mercury. Power plants […]