Is it really true that hair falls out more in autumn?

AUTUMN CNN. Tips to help you live this season better The scenario repeats itself every year: after the holidays and in the middle of the work routine, it seems that there are more hairs in the brush and in the bathtub drain. But is it just a perception? Not really. There is, in fact, greater […]

how will the AP-HP be able to reopen 400 beds this fall?

After years marked by a flight of staff and numerous bed closures, the trend seems to be reversing in Parisian hospitals. On Wednesday September 20, Assistance publique-Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP) announced the reopening of 400 hospital beds this fall. Long awaited, these reopenings follow an increase in recruitment in the network’s 38 hospitals. This is […]

how to see it without being at the Vélodrome stadium?

The Pope will be in Marseille on Friday September 22 and Saturday September 23. There are no more places available to attend the mass that he will celebrate on Saturday at the Vélodrome stadium from 4:15 p.m. But it is still possible to see François during his journey in the popemobile on Saturday. ►The popemobile […]

Striking comment on his candidacy! “Özgür Özel, rabbit candidate!”

He held a press conference at his party’s headquarters. CHP Group Chairman Özgür Özelannounced that he was a candidate for CHP Chairman. Stating that he will continue his duty as group chairman, Özel said, “We cannot enter the 100th year of the Republic with the greatest despair in our history, we cannot allow this, I […]

Santi Unleashed: From Eredivisie to Premier League Domination with Edson & West Ham

[ENG] Santi Unstoppable, Too Good for Eredivisie? Edson & West Ham Terrorize the Premier League : LigaMX this post was submitted on 29 Aug 2023 13 points (93% upvoted) shortlink: joinleave239,800 readers 92 users here now a community for 11 years π Rendered by PID 72 on reddit-service-r2-whoalane-6584896c46-55t7l at 2023-08-30 08:56:55.751096+00:00 running b4c4f70 country code: US.

How to follow the Ajaccio-Bordeaux match?

© Iconsport Two direct This match is broadcast live on beIN SPORTS at 8:45 p.m. Girondins supporters are banned from the stadium for this match. On WebGirondins, we offer you a live text of the match from 8:40 p.m. with the follow-up of the actions by minute. Finally, we give you an appointment at 10:50 […]

Cancer is on the rise in younger adults. And the biggest increase is in women.

One new study reveals that certain types of cancer are being diagnosed more frequently in younger adults in the US and that the increases appear to be driven by cancers in women and adults in their 30s. Funded by the US government and based on records from 17 National Cancer Institutes, published in the journal […]