I am afraid for this Arsenal and its coach

With an own goal by Ben White and a goal by Bruno Guimaraes, Arsenal lost their visit to Newcastle with 0: 2 and a round before the end remains two points from the top 4 and the eternal rival Tottenham. Thus, the “gunners” will hope for a miracle in the last round, in which they […]

Opinion: The Bundesliga works – but only partially | Sports | DW

Only FC Bayern since 2013 – the championship decision in the Bundesliga has long since ceased to be a street sweeper. Rarely in the past ten years has it been close to the end. The fact that the other top clubs do not represent competition even in a season in which FC Bayern was more […]

Chancellor Olaf Scholz has already made decisions | Europe | D.W.

77 years ago, on May 8, 1945, Germany capitulated and World War II came to an end in Europe. The struggle continued for a few months in Asia, as is known. And today there is war again in the Old Continent. The aggressor is called Russia and the president of that country, Vladimir Putin, is […]

Belgian researchers have found how to prevent Covid-19 infection

UCLouvain researchers have managed to identify the key that allows the Covid-19 virus to attack cells, the university announced on Tuesday. They also succeeded in closing the lock in order to block the virus and avoid its interaction with the cell, that is to say to prevent infection. This discovery, published in the scientific journal […]

Strong brands: insurance on the rise – commentary

Apple, Puma, Coca Cola – strong brands are omnipresent. They give many people orientation in a modern consumer society: this works, but that doesn’t work at all. At the same time, they form the image of the companies behind the brand. Looking at the iPhone, lacing up your running shoes, drinking a Coke: everyday consumption […]

Dominican Republic in media marathon against US blockade of Cuba

Several voices from this nation used various means to once again condemn the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by Washington on the Cuban people more than 60 years ago. In a video released this Sunday, the national coordinator of the Dominican Campaign of Solidarity with the island, Roberto Payano, highlighted the position of that […]

Campaign against Ritter Sport: Ritter’s bitter Russia farce – economy

The justifications of the Waldenbuch chocolate manufacturer for its business in Russia are just as unworthy as the excitement on the internet, says Alexander Del Regno. By Alexander Del Regno 04/01/2022 – 05:09 p.m Ritter is in the pillory: there are calls for a boycott against the Waldenbuch chocolate manufacturer because he is not withdrawing […]

Floods cause more displaced in Australia

Canberra, Mar 30 (Prensa Latina) Heavy rains today flooded the east coast of Australia and submerged entire cities, causing thousands of people to flee their homes for the second time in recent weeks. Several towns in northern New South Wales, which already suffered record flooding more than a month ago, were hit by an intense […]