How do you spot the signs of stroke? Boulogne hospital wants to raise awareness

1 The signs that should alert you Doctor Mathieu Bataille hammers him, the speed of management of a stroke is essential. « We must consult as soon as possible. Beyond four-thirty, there is no further treatment possible », Warns the head of the neurological service of the Duchenne hospital. But for that, the victim and […]

Microsoft uses simple mechanical devices to allow users to feel the tactile sensation of holding objects in the VR environment-Page 1-Technology Forum Discussion Area

[This article comes from: Mashdigi] But it is still in the research stage In the past, for the simulation experience in virtual reality, in addition to the enhancement of the visual simulation effect, the sense of touch has gradually become a simulation project that many industry try to challenge. In the solution proposed by Microsoft, […]

OPPO’s first TV S1 and R1 are officially announced, and the new true wireless headsets and watches are unveiled simultaneously-Page 1-Digital Audio and Video Discussion Area

[This article comes from: Mashdigi] Expand the ecosystem of more IoT devices After revealing a lot of news a few days ago, OPPO finally officially announced its first TV products today (10/19), which are the flagship S1 and the R1 that targets general market demand. In addition, OPPO also announced the launch of Enco X, […]

Nat Aniporn clarified 4 points, the drama star came out, Call Out Politics

After Nat Aniporn, Miss Universe Thailand 2015, came out to comment on his friend’s Facebook page in the event that the star came out to Call Out about politics with Porayok that “Do we need to follow the trend?” Nat Aniporn commented, “# Leave it to think, maybe you need to separate it. Celebrities or […]

Guest contribution: How digitization determines retail

When I hear about the “digitization of retail”, the phrase “bridle the horse from behind” often comes to mind. Very often, unfortunately, only the digitization of the PoS is spoken of. It is about the digitization of the entire consumption process. It is about using digital technologies sensibly in order to be able to offer […]

“FCK continues with unrest and cryptic allegations”

1. FC Kaiserslautern has decided in favor of a regional group in terms of investors. Understandable, but it was a decision between plague and cholera, says SWR editor Sina Weber. Now a decision has been made in favor of an investor at 1. FC Kaiserslautern. It has become the regional group, and the committee of […]