The day off will end in Russia :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Konstantin Kokoshkin / Global Look Press Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to end the period of non-working days in the country. He said this at a meeting with the government, broadcast by RBC. “From May 12, the single non-working day for all industries ends. But the fight against the epidemic does not end, ”Putin […]

the good news for the past week

No second wave in several European countries, re-infections that were not and, no doubt, a reopening of places of worship for Pentecost: before starting the first stage of deconfinement in France, a quick overview of good news regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. ► Deconfinement: the encouraging example of our neighbors In Denmark, Austria and Germany, countries […]

return to public schools from this Tuesday, in full days

The resumption will take place in all schools in the city, from May 12, in reduced numbers (10 or 15 students), over a full day. According to the establishments, it could be every other day or all week. In Vinci and Dolto, the large sections, CP and CM2 will return this Tuesday. In Matisse, the […]

How did humble Utyasheva save a doomed marriage to Will?

The astrologer from Krasnodar laid out everything on the shelves. There were rumors that Pavel Volya and Laysan Utyasheva did not go smoothly in family life. The husband allegedly began to walk “to the left”, quarrels, insults. However, the couple tried in every possible way to portray happy spouses and stay afloat. The Krasnodar astrologer […]

André Mellone’s duplex in New York should be in the books | ICON Design

“We used to have views,” André Mellone sighs, looking out the window at the works on the building across the street. His neighborhood, Chelsea, has been one of the last of NY in succumbing to the pickaxe, and in particular the luxury apartment promotions that are turning Manhattan in one of the most architecturally exciting […]

here is the full speech by Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès (video)

“These are encouraging data. Despite this, more than ever, we must all persevere, “said the Prime Minister, who also warned that a long reconstruction process was awaiting the country. “The period we are living in is unprecedented, deeply moving in more ways than one. To protect yourself, to protect the people you love – in […]