Ómicron: everything you need to know about the new coronavirus variant

On November 26, the World Health Organization (WHO) rated the variant B.1.1.529 as of concernYOU, for its acronym in English) and named it as Omicron. So far, it has already been detected in more than 40 countries. Despite gaining ground on the planet, scientists warn that there are still several aspects that are unknown, although […]

Omicron variant, first case in Piedmont discovered in a man returning from South Africa

TURIN. Covid, the first case of the dreaded Omicron variant in Piedmont: much more contagious than the Delta, and the Delta Plus, even if experts do not agree on the possibility of particularly serious forms. It is a fifty-year-old man from the province of Turin, fully vaccinated, completely asymptomatic and returning from South Africa. He […]

Demand for corona vaccinations in Offenbach is increasing

Dhe stricter corona regulations in Hesse (including 2 G in restaurants and 3 G in the workplace) and the recommendation for early booster vaccinations have caused the demand for vaccinations to rise sharply in Offenbach as well. Since then, the city has endeavored, according to its own admission, to expand the range of vaccinations offered […]

COVID-19: What are the districts of Lima with the most cases of coronavirus contagion? Minsa Ministry of Health nndc | PERU

Updated on 12/06/2021 06:31 pm The Ministry of Health (Minsa) through the National Center for Epidemiology, Prevention and Control of Diseases (CDC), detailed the districts of Metropolitan Lima that register more positive cases of coronavirus (COVID-19). The director of Public Health Surveillance of the CDC, César Munayco, indicated that, within Metropolitan Lima, the districts of […]

Corona: How will the testing continue? | Germany | DW

The small white and blue test station on the sidewalk is in the middle of the nightlife zone around Torstrasse in Berlin-Mitte. It looks like a porter’s house – and that’s roughly what it is. Because behind this lie the many localities that are only allowed to come to those who have recovered, vaccinated or […]

the unvaccinated risk intensive care up to 36 times more

The unvaccinated are at risk of intensive care up to 36 times more than the immunized. And still, the vaccination obligation for over 30s is better than the current voluntary choice which, precisely because of the no-vax, forces children to be vaccinated too. These are the considerations of Andrea Palladino, doctorate in Physics at the […]

Current figures from today, December 8th, 2021

The corona virus puts Saxony, but also Germany as a whole, in an exceptional situation. But what is the current status of the pandemic in the Free State? How does it look in the individual circles? How many people have died as a result of an illness, how many have already recovered? And what is […]

Two more corona deaths in Düsseldorf

The RKI also reports 317 new infections within one day and two more corona deaths. Since March last year, that number has risen to 541. More and more Covid19 patients are being admitted to the Düsseldorf clinics. The number rose by 13 to 171; 46 of these people are being treated in an intensive care […]