Court: PST “Cool and Partners” does not have to pay almost 200 thousand. EUR Business

On May 24, the Panevėžys Regional Court dismissed the bankrupt’s claim and upheld PST’s counterclaim, requesting that the value of the subcontract be reduced and that the final deed signed unilaterally by Cool and Partners be declared invalid. “The defendant (PST – BNS) has duly settled its contract with the plaintiff (” Vėsa ir partneriai […]

Arshavin will not be able to humiliate Baranovskaya

Andrei Arshavin conceived a dangerous game with Yulia Baranovskaya, but forgot that he was not playing on his own field. The football player expressed a desire to take his sons to him in order to raise real men from them, but it was not there. In an interview with the BLITZ + portal, lawyer Alexander […]