Man to hospital with gunshot wounds: – Probably targeted shots

The inhabitants of Sarpsborg and the surrounding municipalities have little cause for concern, the police believe. – So far, there is nothing to indicate that this is a random incident, says operations manager Gisle Sveen in the Eastern police district to NTB on Sunday morning. For the sake of the investigation, the police are very […]

Police: Argument probably triggered the shooting at a mall in Wisconsin

At a press conference on Friday night, the police chief in Wauwatosa stated that eight people were injured, one of them a teenager. The perpetrator was not at the scene when the police arrived, says the police chief. The police chief states that there are several false rumors about the identity of the perpetrator, but […]

Patient threatened employees with iron bar at Ullevål hospital

The police reported the incident at 9.22. The patient, who is a man in his 50s, ran away on foot, and the police searched for him with armed patrols for several hours. They sent personnel to two addresses where they assumed the man could have taken the road, and they encouraged people to call the […]

The war of words between Biden and Trump is escalating

After a white man was shot and killed during clashes between supporters and opponents of President Trump in Portland, the war of words has intensified. On Sunday, Trump tweeted and retweeted a number of reports that the Democrats are weak in dealing with violent crime and that cities ruled by the party are ravaged by […]

Disappeared in Crema: Summit at the Prosecutor’s Office – Last Hour

(ANSA) – CREMA, AUG 26 – The Ris di Parma would have found other traces of blood today at the home of Alessandro Pasini, the 45-year-old who ended up in prison accused of killing Sabrina Beccalli, who has been missing from home in Crema since mid-August, and of having destroyed the corpse. Today the Ris […]

Man in his 90s to hospital after being attacked in his own home in Vardø

Around 1 o’clock on Thursday night, the police were notified that an outspoken man had entered a residential house and attacked the homeowner. – The injured were transported to hospital in Kirkenes. He was hit in the head and bled, so it looked serious, says operations manager in Leo Johansen in Finnmark police district to […]

Stories: Monumental Stadium, 20 years later: the history of payment to the land

With the protocol that a head of state would envy, the man enters through gate 6 of the Monumental Stadium and a déjà vu is activated: this box building, these stands, only existed in his memory. In his hands he brings that past: photos of the inauguration and the three-time championship, the first advertising brochure […]