New York teen swindled millions of dollars in smartphone cryptocurrency, lawsuit alleges

Michael Terpin, an American cryptocurrency investor, sued a high school senior in suburban New York on Thursday, accusing him of being the mastermind and leader of a cybercrime scheme that defrauded him of millions of dollars in digital currencies. . The plaintiff accused Ellis Pinsky, an 18-year-old teenager residing in Irvington (NY), and his alleged […]

Dax continues to climb and remains on the up

Dax curve View of the Dax curve in the Frankfurt trading hall. (Photo: dpa) Frankfurt The relaxation of the coronavirus restrictions and the hope of a relaxation of the customs dispute between the USA and China give the Dax a boost. The leading German index rose by 1.2 percent on Friday to 10,894 points. Stock […]

Cryptocurrencies, a technological antidote to economic uncertainty

Changpeng Zhao Updated:04/29/2020 01:55 h save Related reviews The digital revolution has completely reinvented the structures on which society was based not so long ago. Hyperconnectivity, globalization and the appearance of infinity of new tools has also been a before and after in the economy. From the simplest and most utilitarian levels for the large […]

China is testing its state digital currency in practice

China in crypto fever Beijing is planning its own state digital currency. (Photo: AP) Beijing China has been testing its planned state digital currency since this week. The Chinese Central Bank’s digital currency research institute confirmed corresponding media reports from the weekend, according to the state-run Xinhua news agency. Accordingly, pilot tests have started in […]

Criticism of the Libra restart is growing

Frankfurt / Denver It was a nice plan. The Libra Association wanted to go into spring with a new, modified concept paper. “Our mission is a simple global payment system that supports billions of people”, in short: building a “more inclusive and innovative financial world”. That was the announcement a few days ago. The project […]

Facebook restarts Libra – and applies for a Swiss license

On Thursday afternoon in German time, the “Libra Association” published the second version of its so-called white paper, the concept of the planned virtual currency. In it, the union says goodbye to some central building blocks of the original idea and responds at least to some extent to the harsh criticism of the plans presented […]

Amid the global crisis, demand for cryptocurrencies increased

“In Argentina, operations tripled in March compared to January. In the case of stablecoins, they continue to grow in adoption, reaching weekly growths of up to six times “, explained from Ripio, the platform that allows buying and selling Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and added: “Daily activity also tripled. Users who buy and sell cryptocurrencies […]

The Libra crypto project on Facebook could see a big shock: report

Photo: Somodevilla Chip (fake images) The Libra cryptocurrency project from Facebook has been moving at full speed in a global financial regulation systemlarge for a while now. yesut might be trying to change course later finally realize That the iceberg will win. For a report on Tuesday in information, sources say that the Libra Association […]

CoronaCoin cryptocurrency allows merchants to enrich themselves with coronavirus deaths

A new cryptocurrency will allow buyers to obtain bleak benefits from the number of people who get sick or die from the deadly outbreak of coronavirus. The Bitcoin-like cryptocurrency, called CoronaCoin, will operate with a morbid and truculent structure: the amount of available currencies, called “tokens,” will decrease and, therefore, increase in value, as more […]

Shopify joins Facebook cryptocurrency Libra

Shopify With its Libra plans, the world’s largest Internet network with more than two billion users faces opposition from central banks, regulators and politicians. (Photo: Reuters) Berlin The Canadian software provider for online shops wants to participate in Facebook’s plans for the global cryptocurrency Libra. Shopify will join the Libra Association founded to build the […]