The federal government is braking on the topic of blockchain

Frankfurt Is that it with the federal government’s blockchain vigor? More and more observers in the crypto industry and in political Berlin are currently wondering. The grand coalition actually wanted to pass a law for a blockchain bond in 2019. This would have regulated the issue of bonds on the basis of decentralized database technology […]

Bitcoin surpasses the $ 10,000 mark again

DBitcoin continued its price rally by hitting the $ 10,000 mark. The biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalization overcame the psychologically important hurdle on the Bitstamp trading platform on the night of Sunday for the first time since October. Most recently, a Bitcoin cost $ 10,125. For 2020 alone, this will result in a share price […]

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple: banks with great interest in crypto

Coin with bitcoin symbol The new money laundering law increases consumer protection for crypto systems. (Photo: AP) Berlin, Frankfurt According to government officials, the financial regulator Bafin has already received more than 40 expressions of interest from banks for permission to operate the crypto custody business in the future. The new Money Laundering Act no […]

US exchange regulator SEC wants to re-regulate IPOs of cryptocurrencies

crypto currencies The market has practically come to a standstill since US regulators in particular have stepped up their action against the long unregulated ICOs. (Photo: Reuters) Washington The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission SEC has presented a first draft for the use of cryptocurrencies for start-up financing, the Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Accordingly, trading […]

Crypto founder Sun is catching up on postponed food

Warren Buffett The star investor is known for his philanthropic activities. (Photo: AFP) new York Chinese cryptocurrency entrepreneur Justin Sun has met with star investor Warren Buffett for a long-ago meal. Instead of the originally planned lunch, the two and four other crypto advocates took a more than three-hour dinner with steaks and Coca-Cola in […]