OFFICIAL: Customs Tang Santi Songtekum instead of Coach Yong

Sing Nai Dan launches Coach Blue as a new manager With the concept of “Think Together Team Together” MOF Customs United team in the M-150 Championship (Thai League 2) launched “Coach Blue” Santi Songtae Former Sa Kaeo FC consultant sits on a new coach instead of “Coach Yong” Worawut Srimaka, ready to start overseeing the […]

These 5 things you do in the cold season age your skin

Some habits from the cold season sabotage our mission to keep our skin young and beautiful all year round. When the weather gets colder, I only think of ways to get rid of the cold sensation: I turn on the heat, take a hot bath, put on thicker clothes and nest in bed. But I […]

Sânziene customs and traditions

In Moldova, Orthodox Christians pray at the relics of St. John the New in Suceava. They hope to get rid of such troubles and diseases. Their name comes from Santa Diana, the Roman goddess of hunting and forests. Other names assigned are Frumoasele, Zanele, and in the south of the country – Dragaicele. This is […]

a cannabidiol shop closed after a police and customs check

Freshly opened, soon closed. The Suprhemp store, located place Light, in Boulogne-sur-Mer, was forced to lower its iron curtain at the end of July. In question ? A check, dated July 31. It was, according to our information, an operation led by a departmental anti-fraud operational committee (CODAF), in which the police and customs participated. […]

Customs seizes 12 tonnes of human hair from Chinese labor camps

US customs suspects Lop County Meixin Hair Product of using forced and prison labor, including from children. They seized the goods on this ground on June 17. LUS Customs announced on Wednesday that it had intercepted a shipment of human hair products suspected of being packaged in labor camps in the Chinese region of Xinjiang. […]

They occupy former Ambassador Sanclemente’s farm and capture three people

Deputy prosecutor Martha Mancera reported Wednesday at a press conference that the Prosecutor’s Office and the Police occupied the four properties of the former ambassador Fernando Sanclemente’s farm, located in Guasca, Cundinamarca, where a cocaine processing laboratory was found. Likewise, the official indicated that “three people who allegedly worked in the crystallizer were captured.” The […]

Customs suspect of corruption suffers from serious gambling addiction NOW

Customs suspect Izaira F., who is suspected of corruption, suffers from a serious gambling addiction, as was clear on Wednesday during an introductory session in the court of Rotterdam. This may be the motive for her actions. The 45-year-old woman was officially arrested in February after she had been inactivated by customs some time earlier. […]

AMLO meets Ricardo Ahued at the National Palace

This morning the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador meets with Ricardo Ahued Bardahuil, who resigned as general administrator of Customs in the Tax Administration Service (SAT). At the meeting, you also find Ricardo Monreal, coordinator of Morena and president of the Senate Political Coordination Board. Upon his arrival at the historic building and in a […]

Coronavirus news in Italy and worldwide – today, Tuesday 14 April – La Gazzetta dello Sport

Today various activities reopen (including bookstores, stationery stores and children’s goods stores), for a phase-2 which is not however implemented by many regions, with Piedmont, Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna which still prohibit practically everything (even in Lazio the bookstores are closed, next Monday). Meanwhile, the latest data of the Civil Protection report 103,616 people currently infected […]